4 Ways to Strengthen a Modern Field Service Organization

Ensuring optimum customer service is one of the primary goals of a field service organization. Modern field force automation software helps enterprises with smoother workflows and deeper visibility into field activities. Field service companies adopt technologies like AI, automation, location intelligence, etc., to help technicians complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Moving away from legacy systems and reducing reliance on time-consuming manual tasks is critical for modernizing field service organizations. AI-enabled field force automation software derives vital, actionable insights from data, helps optimize resource management and automates several tasks to improve business processes and customer service.

Here are four ways you can modernize your field service organization.

4 Ways to Strengthen Modern Field Service Organization

1) Boost Productivity

Service technicians must have all the information at their fingertips to effectively complete their daily assignments. A dedicated app that works like a mobile office can help them improve the first-time fix rate (FTFR), curb return visits, and improve customer experience. The app also contains informative articles and guided steps that help technicians optimize repairs while they are on-field. It also empowers them to schedule and manage appointments effectively throughout the day.

The technician’s mobile service app empowers the technician to manage appointment schedules and access turn-by-turn navigation to the customer site. Field force management software like Dista Service allows auto job assignment and enables managers to allocate service requests to specific technicians manually.

2) Improve Resource Management

Effectively managing technician time and inventory is challenging for a field service firm. They need visibility into their assets and ensure minimum downtime in case of breakdowns. In case of a typical field service organization that does not leverage an AI/ML-based system, technicians are dispatched based primarily on availability. Whereas, with field force automation software, they can also assign service requests based on multiple business rules like skillset, proximity, priority, and more.

Assigning the right technician for the right job increases the chances of completing the repair on the first visit. For example, if a telecom company raises a service request for a technician, field service management software like Dista Service can intelligently assign the request to the right technician as per their skillset, customer’s priority, and proximity to the site. With the dedicated app, service agents get a real-time alert for assigned service requests, and they can attend to them smoothly.

Moreover, the software also offers real-time inventory management that helps keep track of inventories. It also gives technicians access to information on all the tools needed to complete the repair. The system can perform warehouse mapping and configure inventory requirements with real-time visibility of inventories.

3) Enhance Customer Experience

Modern field force management software offers predictive analysis and forecasting for all the stakeholders and proactively suggests the ‘next best action.’ These analytics-driven recommendations can be crucial for strategic decisions. For example, the intelligent system will send a nudge to the technician’s mobile app regarding cross-selling and upselling opportunities for a particular customer. This will help them provide better customer service by offering additional products per the customer’s requirement. Moreover, customers can track the ETA of the technician in real-time and reduce anxiety about their arrival. By leveraging these functionalities, a field service company is empowered to provide the best service to its customers.

4) Leverage Analytics to Improve Decision Making

Field service management software like Dista Service can play a key role in strategizing business enhancement by processing high volumes of data. Our platform helps boost Net Promoter Score (NPS) with a better turnaround time (TAT), FTFR, and customer service. The system also offers customized reports to make informed decisions useful for departmental and operational strategies. Moreover, it also provides in-depth, contextual, and relevant insights for informed business decisions.

Final Thoughts

AI-enabled field force automation software empowers all the stakeholders in field service organizations. It assists technicians, optimizes resources, and enhances customer experiences.

Dista provides a comprehensive platform that leverages location intelligence to streamline end-to-end field service capabilities. 

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