Partners & Integrations

Dista has partnered with leading companies all over the world to make location intelligence your North Star. Also, see how Dista can connect securely with your current systems.

Our Partners


Single Sign On (SAML Compliant)

Simplify the authentication process and securely access multiple applications by using one set of credentials.


Ensure a unified customer view and boost automation with seamless CRM integration to improve operational efficiency.

API Gateways

Enforce steady security best practices and governance policies across your APIs.


Manage HR functions and integrate with key line of businesses.

Calling Service Provider

Improve customer experience with personalized calls and integrate with leading calling service providers.


Integrate with multiple text messaging providers to send and receive high volumes of text messages across channels.


Ensure seamless and secure payment processing via popular payment gateway platforms.


Streamline and automate hyperlocal and eCommerce delivery services by integrating with leading logistics and delivery service providers.

Anything Delivered
GPS Vendor

Manage and control your fleet of vehicles by integrating with IoT and telematics solution providers.


Enrich retail experience for your customers.

Food Commerce

Supercharge deliveries and manage orders with integrated payment, marketing, and delivery platforms.

Marketing Automation

Seamlessly integrate with top-rated real-time marketing automation platforms for hyper-personalized experiences.

Third Party Data Provider(US)

Get a large and diverse data pool to reach new audiences and increase your ad relevance and performance.


Facilitate remote monitoring of industrial devices and optimize apps for scalability and faster deployments.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs Data

Get validated and highly accurate data from public domain sources for seamless utilization.


Seamless integration with top marketplaces.