Field Sales Management Software

Empower Field Sales Reps with Location Intelligence for Faster Sales Engagement

Boost sales velocity and win more deals with the complete field sales management software

Intuitive Map-based Visualization for Control and Insight

Visualize leads, stores, branches, and field sales reps on an interactive map to gain visibility. Balance sales workload by mapping territories to the right sales rep.

Map Sales Territories Efficiently

View leads and customers on the map to visualize your business coverage; design territory clusters, and map reps to each cluster. Customize territory design manually or use auto-generated territory clusters.

Live Map-based Tracking

Track rep movement in real-time on maps for accurate updates. Track and verify sales visits in real-time, and get route deviation alerts. Get live weather and traffic updates to maneuver travel.

Mapping Sales Territories and Live Map-based Tracking
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Field Sales Management Software for Scalable Lead Management

Manage lead journeys effectively with auto-allocation of leads, optimal route plans, seamless beat plans, real-time tracking, robust scheduling, and more.

Ensure Zero Lead Leakage

Use a single source of truth for all leads generated through various channels, including email, call, digital advertising, etc., and eliminate manual intervention. Capture all lead details, including location, to aid field sales teams in scheduling visits and optimizing routes.

Improve Conversion with Lead Prioritization

Qualify and prioritize leads based on lead type, location, revenue potential, engagement type, lead source, and more. Be the first to engage with high-potential leads by scheduling optimal visits and follow-ups.

SPACE Framework: Automate Lead Distribution

Design a frictionless automated lead allocation and distribution process using Dista’s SPACE framework (Skill set of rep-Proximity of leads-Availability of rep-Capacity of rep-Experience). Automate lead assignment by running the SPACE algorithm to match leads with field sales reps.

Exhaustive Lead Pipeline Management

View all leads across buying stages on a single dashboard. Organize the lead pipeline based on your business workflow. Segment leads into multiple buckets based on purchase intent and auto-update lead status by engagement.

Smart Pitch

Easily access and share collateral to nurture prospects through Smart Pitch. Assign leads to specific campaigns and educate them with the right content. Reduce time to engagement and make faster connections.

Ensuring Zero Lead Leakage and Improving Conversion with Lead Prioritization
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Lead Pipeline Management
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Leverage AI/ML to Boost Sales Productivity

Empower field sales reps with AI/ML-driven recommendations to increase sales effectiveness and enhance productivity.

Optimize Scheduling

Run AI-driven scheduling algorithms to identify the most efficient frequency of meetings, visits, and follow-ups. Map optimal sequence of sales visits and prioritize leads based on urgency and revenue potential.

Advanced Route Optimization

Design routes to reach leads and customers faster. Use AI/ML-driven advance route optimization to plan meetings and sales visits, minimizing travel time—Automate route planning by considering multiple scheduling criteria, resulting in more face time with prospects and customers.

Intelligent Beat Planing

Use AI/ML-powered algorithms to design daily sales beat plans. Improve sales effectiveness with an intelligent beat plan to increase the number of visits in a single trip, prioritize spending sufficient time with the right customers, and increase order volumes.

Optimize Scheduling and Advanced Route Optimization
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The Complete Field Sales Management Checklist

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Dista’s intuitive map-based visualization empowers you to visualize leads, stores, branches, and field sales reps. Sales leaders can utilize the powerful visual insights gained from maps to balance sales workload, efficiently map territories, assign reps to each cluster equitably, and boost sales coverage.

Dista’s field sales management software ensures scalable lead management with features like seamless lead capture, auto-allocation of leads, scientific lead distribution, territory-based lead mapping, lead prioritization, and real-time tracking. This ensures zero lead leakage, efficient lead distribution, and improved lead conversion rates, enhancing overall sales effectiveness.

Dista’s SPACE framework automates lead allocation and distribution by considering factors like reps’ skill sets, the proximity of leads, reps’ availability and capacity, and their experience. This ensures frictionless lead assignment, maximizing sales opportunities and boosting sales productivity.

Using Dista’s AI/ML-driven recommendations, you can empower field sales reps with optimized scheduling, automate lead distribution and allocation, design advanced route plans, and create intelligent beat plans. This enhances sales rep effectiveness, increases face time with prospects, and prioritizes high-value leads, ultimately boosting productivity.

Dista’s field sales management software provides live map-based tracking of sales reps, ensuring accurate updates on sales visits, route deviations, nearby lead alerts, meeting alerts, and real-time weather and traffic updates. As a result, sales leaders can easily measure rep performance and organize their teams. Moreover, it gives managers complete visibility of sales activities and ensures transparency in the process.