Field Collections

Streamline and Orchestrate Your Debt Collections Process

Increase Recovery Rate and Collection Throughput

Increase Collections Throughput

Eliminate manual paperwork by digitizing the complete field collection process.

Automate Case Allocation

Auto-allocate cases to the right field agent based on collection executive skills, location, case proximity, executive capacity, and availability. Increase the first call resolution rate to improve the collection response time.

Risk Profiling and Delinquency Insights

Visualize areas with high/low risks. Get intelligent insights on risk exposure based on risk map indicators, historical data of recoveries, missed EMIs, etc. Perform location-based credit evaluation for real-time lead qualification.

Actionable Visual Insights

Get actionable visual intelligence to refine collection strategy. Analyze geographic data from multiple sources through map-based visualization. Priortize, track your collections and recovery by area/region/territory.

Automate Debt Collection Process
[Case Study] Leading NBFC Orchestrates Debt Collection Process With Dista

Orchestrate End-to-End Collections

Empower recovery executive with a smart field collection software to manage end-to-end debt collection.

Monitor Agent Performance

Track and get full visibility of your field collections executives (FCE). Get real-time cockpit view of collections cycle. Send prescriptive nudges to FCEs to increase collections coverage.

Intelligent Beat Plan

For corporate collections, Dista’s algorithms recommend intelligent beat plans for FCEs. It helps optimize field resources to increase geographical coverage and improve collection rates.

Address Cleansing and Verification

Streamline address data of leads, customers, etc and map it accurately. This helps identify serviceable areas, reduce travel time of FCEs, and control fuel costs.

[Case Study] Leading Microfinance Firm Gets Deeper Visibility Into Field Agents With Dista

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You can collect customer visit dispositions on the go, eliminate manual paperwork, and reduce discrepancies. Dista’s software ensures efficient data management, saving time and resources.

Dista’s field collection software automates case allocation, assigning tasks to the most suitable field collection executives (FCE) based on location, availability, and capacity. This ensures quicker response times and higher resolution rates.

Real-time tracking of FCEs improves visibility into collection cycles. You can send contextual nudges to recommend following the best actions, boosting coverage and efficiency.

Dista’s intelligent algorithms recommend innovative beat plans for FCEs, optimizing geographical coverage and enhancing collection rates for corporate collections.

Dista empowers collection agents with an intelligent field collection solution, enabling seamless management of the entire debt collection process. This leads to faster resolutions and increased collections.