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32% Boost in Lead Conversions

Connect faster with prospects and increase lead conversions
Engage effectively with prospects through a centralized intuitive experience
Automate regular follow-ups and meetings to focus more on strategic selling

27% Faster Lead Actioning

Get intelligent lead assignment and actioning recommendations
Enable faster lead actioning via a dedicated sales rep mobile app
Maximize sales coverage with strategic recommendations

70% Increase Sales Productivity

Manage your field sales teams and track their performance
Reduce manual tasks and unleash their productivity across the sales cycle
Minimize sales rep downtime and boost resource optimization

Drive Higher Sales Velocity

Power prospect interactions with intelligent engagement
Automate scheduling and routing to ensure zero lead leakage
Expand sales coverage with intelligent territory mapping

Sales Process Automation

Reduce operational costs with sales process optimization
Track leads across channels to see the impact of your campaigns
Eliminate repetitive manual tasks to save effort, time and cost

Derive Powerful Insights

Supercharge your sales efficiency with actionable insights
Drive higher sales outcomes with strategic decisions
Customized and detailed analysis at each stage of the sales pipeline

Leverage Location Intelligence to Transform Field Sales Management

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360-degree view of business operations
Territory-based insights on field productivity and performance
View field resource coverage area to improve efficiency
Spot growth areas and align them with geographic sales targets


Strategize business processes and strengthen field operations
Identify potential markets and sales territories
Derive trends and patterns from location data and perform a cost-benefit analysis
Cluster territories by visualizing geo-spatial data


Map resources by high growth areas, capabilities, proximity, etc.
Automate lead allocation to maximize productivity
Track field force activity to derive insights and boost performance
Measure and improve resource performance by tracking KPIs


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Auto Lead Allocation

Auto-assign leads based on skill sets, proximity, priority, and capacity. Allocate and prioritize leads based on location-driven lead volume, campaigns, and potential.

Scheduling and Route Planning

Guide and track field sales teams through the fastest, safest, and shortest routes. Leverage dynamic scheduling and route optimization to streamline sales visit frequency.

Field Force Management

View prospect portfolios before meetings and capture notes on the go. Managers can track and monitor sales reps’ daily in-field activities via a central dashboard.

Map Sales Territories

Define and assign territories based on sales area coverage and lead clusters. Plot customers and prospects on a map for deeper visualization.

Beat Planning

Create an intelligent beat plan to optimize sales visits, prioritize high-growth prospects, and avoid territory overlap. Combine and sequence sales visits by location to reduce travel time and costs.

Track Sales Performance

Get sales performance insights by individual, team, region, geo-hierarchy, and more. Utilize role-based custom dashboards with drilled-down analysis for deeper insights.

Sales Forecasting

Design data-driven sales forecasts for quick revenue projections. Identify and evaluate pipeline risks and guide sales reps accordingly.

Track End-to-End Sales Activity

Track sales activities like attendance, TAT, SLA, deal progression, visit outcomes, and more. Automate sales activity capturing to ensure sales teams’ focus on selling.

Smart Nudges & Notifications

Recommend next-best actions to sales reps via real-time contextual alerts and reminders. Close more deals and improve lead actioning with timely notifications.

Leave Management

Manage PTO, leaves, regularization, and holidays from a single platform.

Share Sales Collateral On-the-Go

Empower sales reps to pitch the right product to the right customer. Leverage the field sales app for instant information sharing.

Sales Gamification

Create leaderboards to ensure accountability and reward top performers. Recognize sales reps based on deal acceleration, prospect interactions, and boost performance. 

Quota Management

Set quotas and targets across regions, hierarchy, reps, accounts, sales potential, and more. Track achievement and guide sales reps with the right coaching.

One-tap Calling

Improve communication with all stakeholders – customers, prospects, and managers- via the mobile field sales app with one-tap calling.

Contract Management

Auto-populate and share proposals with prospects to close deals faster. Track and manage contracts and renewals to get a 360-degree account view.

Address Cleansing

Turn your text addresses into meaningful spatial databases. Save time and reduce operational costs with accurate, verified addresses. 

Uncover Hidden Demand

Spot location-driven patterns and trends to identify growth opportunities. Optimize resource allocation to focus on high-growth regions. 

Increase in conversion (M0)
1 %
Increase in Sales Productivity
1 %
Increase in Sales Coverage
1 %

Empower field sales teams with the most powerful field sales management tool to transform sales organizations and unlock superior sales productivity.  

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Use Cases

Lead Management

Respond to leads faster and ensure timely follow-ups to get faster closures. Automate lead allocation, tracking, and streamline workflows.

Territory Management

Define, refine and assign sales territories by business needs. Identify new opportunities to maximize sales coverage.

Sales Engagement

App based 1:1 and group chat, Gamification, Leaderboard, Notifications and Broadcast to keep your sales teams motivated.

Field Sales Enablement

Field Sales Enablement

Coach and equip field sales rep with the right resources to boost sales outcomes.

Pipeline Management

Get a 360-degree view of the sales pipeline. Customize deal stages, analyze deal progression and fine-tune lead nurturing activity.

Lead Pipeline Management

Account Management and Mining

Up-sell/cross-sell based on intelligent recommendations and signal-to-action workflows.

Risk Analysis

Mitigate risk and gain competitive advantage by using geospatial analysis to devise sales strategy.


Banks and Financial Services

Increase sales conversions with location intelligent hunting and farming
360 Degree relationship management to increase CSAT and upsell/cross-sell
Doorstep services to enhance customer experience and increase coverage
Plan territories strategically by defining serviceable areas and ensure decongestion
Efficient cash management and debt collection with increased ACR
Maps-based risk analysis to identify high/low delinquency areas
Bank Credit Report with Calculator


Streamline and automate debt collection and recovery process
Facilitate address and pin code verification for delinquent customers
Improve field sales performance tracking
Define and refine serviceable areas
Boost lead management and field tracking for higher sales productivity
Complete transparency and real-time cockpit view into field operations
Two Banking Professionals Analysing Lending Report


Automate field claims inspection management
Get a map-based risk exposure view for strategic decisioning
Improve multi-agency management for field claims investigations
Derive actionable insights on real-time claims settlement
Intelligent and timely claims allocations
Route planning and optimization
Simplify claims processing and approval workflow
Design better policies with a location-first approach

CPG and Retail

Streamline and connect sales and distribution journey
Optimize sales beat plans based on retailer revenue potential to drive superior efficiency
Track end-to-end sales activity from lead capture, lead qualification to closure
Organize territories based on geography, market segment, products, retailers, customer volume, etc.
Cover territories more strategically and boost selling performance
Evaluate the location of existing warehouses and distribution centers to identify underserved areas.
Woman Buying Groceries from a Retail Store

Healthcare & Pharma​

Manage attendance and expenses for hassle-free reimbursement
Auto-capture leads from multiple sources and assign them based on multiple business rules
Derive sales performance insights with leaderboards by territory, rep, channel, and team
Get complete visibility of field activity, including daily visits, calls, meetings, etc
Coach reps on the go for better sales pitching and enhance field sales outcomes
Uncover new opportunities within predetermined territories
Pharmaceutical Rep Delivering Medicines


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Still have questions ?​

The system will facilitate the auto-allocation of leads in real-time to available sales reps nearest to the prospect’s location. Sales Managers will have a transparent view of the overall lead assignment, status of leads, and actions performed by sales reps in the field at their fingertips. Considering multiple business constraints, supervisors can manually assign leads to their team members at any time.

Dista Sales take care of redundant and manual activities typically performed by the management team by automating them through optimal, AI/ML, and location-based intelligence. The product empowers sales reps and managers to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently through location-based smart assignments, intelligent nudges, and more. Gamification in the platform motivates sales reps to boost performance.

When working in the field, sales reps can have difficulty communicating with their managers, reaching customer locations, finishing their tasks, and entering all relevant details in the system. Dista, through location intelligence-based nudges and assignments, reduces sales reps’ efforts and enables them to do more visits with customers. This helps them achieve their targets, surpass them, and get more incentives.

Dista Sales have modules that let Sales Managers view sales reps’ travel history, calendar view, ETA to customer’s location, and current lead status. Moreover, they can view media uploads, appointments, and meeting notes updated by outside sales reps. These real-time updates ensure all leads are being followed up and managers are updated even when sales reps are in the field with poor connectivity.

Yes, Dista Sales provides visibility to individual targets, performance, and incentives. This helps sales reps understand and plan better for achieving and exceeding their targets.

Yes, you can assign custom roles to team members based on hierarchy and responsibilities. This helps in the wider visibility of performance data and ensures the security of sensitive customer information.