How Dista Sales Helps Supercharge Your Sales Productivity and Boost Lead Conversions

Time-draining administrative tasks, lack of automated tools, and delays in reaching out to customers are some of the key B2B sales team challenges. With robust sales productivity software like Dista Sales, you can track sales officers, maintain audit trails, and analyze potential leads based on geographic regions. It also lets managers gain insights into agents’ performance, lead conversions, and other related metrics via actionable analytics.

Key Field Sales Challenges

An organization with a sales force team can typically come across these challenges:

  • Ineffective lead assignment without any location or skill-based rules
  • Inefficient management of field sales officers
  • System that fails to factor in location as a key metric
  • Customizable data reports not supported in traditional systems
  • Absence of a central system for lead management and data collection
  • Need for constant follow-ups for status updates
Dista Sales Helps Supercharge Your Sales Productivity and Boost Lead Conversions

Secret Sauce of Dista Sales

Dista Sales caters to three key players in the sales ecosystem that helps improve customer engagement.

1) Efficient and Effective Operations

  • Our scheduling algorithm auto allocates leads that help increase sales officer productivity, maximize sales coverage, and improve visibility for nearby unscheduled leads.
  • Sales officer app acts as a mobile office and assists in end-to-end lead execution.
  • Intelligent contextual nudges help faster lead response and enhance individual sales officer conversions.

2) Track and Monitor Field Sales Performance

  • Sales managers get deeper real-time map-based visibility of field sales officers via a dedicated app.
  • They can monitor ETAs, live status updates, audit trails, and historical map views.
  • The dashboard also offers quick access to sales officer attendance, activities, and expenses.

3) Strategize Business Decisions

  • Identify patterns by leveraging AI/ML-based insights for making strategic business decisions.
  • Get insight on potential leads, identify positive and negative areas (customers with high and low spending potential and increased chances of delinquencies).
  • Leverage trends to improve customer operations.
  • Forecast staffing and resourcing needs.

Dista Sales offers several out-of-the-box features that can be configured and customized.

● Smart allocation engine

Our sales productivity platform allocates timely leads to sales officers depending on various factors like skillset, proximity, priority, and more. This results in a faster and more accurate lead response.

● Sales officer mobile app

A dedicated mobile app that acts as a mobile office offers a complete on-the-go solution for field sales executives to manage their tasks. They can upload documents and media, schedule and reschedule appointments, and more directly from the app.

● Call logging and masking

This ensures security for business and customer data by safeguarding business phone numbers. Also called number masking, the feature facilitates a secure conversation between their employees and the customers.

● Geo-hierarchy management

With Dista Sales, you can define organizational hierarchy and assign access depending on roles and responsibilities. Other features include protecting sensitive data, access to only relevant information, role-based access, and more.

Final Thoughts

A robust sales enablement software like Dista Sales can help you boost your sales engagement and reach your customers first.

Are you looking for a field sales management solution? Get in touch with us, and we can set up a quick demo for Dista Sales.