Feature Overview: Sales Officer App – Dista Sales

Dista Sales, our sales productivity platform offers a separate mobile app for sales officers and sales managers. The main aim of both apps is to enable officers and managers to streamline and complete their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Let’s take a close look at the key features of the sales officer’s app.

Quick view dashboard

Key Features of Sales Officer App

The app comes with an array of features that empowers the sales officer to act faster on the leads and improve their sales productivity. Here are some of the key features on the app.

1) Contextual Nudges

The system sends contextual nudges to the sales officers app helping them finish their tasks more efficiently. It offers suggestions for the next best course of action like notifying about a prospective lead nearby their location. The app also sends reminders about follow ups with a lead or pending document collections.

2) Auto Lead Allocation

Our smart system auto allocates leads to a sales officer by considering several factors like skillset, priority, proximity, and availability. This helps sales managers manage high volumes of leads more effectively with the available resources.

Lead Assignment

3) Quick View Dashboard

A dashboard offers all relevant information related to leads front and center. Sales officers can see notifications, unactioned leads, appointment fixed, documents collected, follow up, not contactable, and more on the dashboard. This enables them to take quick actions on the leads and improve their productivity.

4) End-to-end Lead Execution

The sales officer app enables end-to-end lead execution right from taking action on an incoming lead to closing it. It works as a mobile office and allows them to engage with the customer seamlessly and update their tasks as they progress.

5) Attendance and Expense Management

The app allows sales officers to record their daily attendance and expenses. They can record their daily check-in and check-out times, leaves taken, and record expenses.

6) Offline Capabilities

If a sales officer is in an area with low or no internet connectivity, the Dista Sales app continues to work thanks to the offline capability feature. All the additions and changes made by the sales officers get stored on the device and are synced to the server once the internet connection restores.

7) User Friendly App Navigation

The app provides a smooth navigation and a simple UI thereby helping sales officers complete their tasks with fewer clicks.

8) Media Upload

Sales officers can take photos of documents and help them to go paperless. This saves them from carrying physical documents and reducing the risk of misplacing or losing it. The app also supports media upload for images and videos.

9) Call Masking

As per a report, close to 80% of people are not comfortable sharing their numbers with businesses. The call masking functionality allows sales officers to make calls from your business call center but disguised as a personal number. This protects your number and keeps business phone calls separate from your mobile phone. Call masking helps companies build customer trust, loyalty, and confidence.

10) Route Optimization

The app offers optimum routes for sales officers thereby reducing their travel distance and time. It suggests the shortest route to reach the customer and helps them increase engagement with more customers.

Benefits of Sales Officer App

  • Faster turnaround time (TAT)
  • Improved lead conversion rate
  • Enhanced sales productivity
  • Seamless communication with customer and sales managers
  • Real-time notifications related to leads
If you are looking for a robust sales officers app, check out Dista Sales. Contact us to see the app in action.