Lead Management – Use Cases, Benefits, and More

What is Lead Management?

Lead management is the process of capturing and managing potential customers and converting them into buyers by leveraging sales and marketing strategies. It is a system that qualifies and nurtures incoming leads, thereby improving its chances of turning them into business opportunities.

Why do we Need Lead Management Software?

  • Generating consumer interest and leads with a healthy mix of sales and marketing tactics

  • Prioritize and filter leads based on their potential to become a customer

  • Automated distribution of leads to the sales team

  • Nurturing leads until they become sales-ready

Key Dista Sales Lead Management Benefits

  • Focus on high priority and sales-ready leads

  • Helps generate quality and relevant leads

  • Boost sales productivity

  • Improve lead conversion rate

  • Personalize customer interaction

  • Easier monitoring of the sales process
Lead Management – Use Cases, Benefits, and More

How Does Dista Sales Help in Lead Management?

Dista Sales, our robust sales management platform, plays a crucial role in lead management and conversion. Here are some of the key features.

1) Auto Allocation of Leads

Our sales management system intelligently allocates leads depending on a range of factors like skillset, priority, proximity, and availability. This ensures there is a decrease in loss of leads and an increase in maximum sales coverage.

2) Boost Sales Productivity

Dista Sales offers deeper visibility on nearby unscheduled leads and sends real-time contextual nudges to the sales officer app for faster response. It helps optimize your sales resources and boost lead conversion rate by enabling them to reach out and close more leads.

3) Analyze Potential Leads

Our smart artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) system facilitates area definition and analyzes potential leads. It provides analytics and insights on customers, conversion metrics, and more.

4) Real-time Visibility on Active Leads

Our sales management platform offers ETA and live status updates on active leads. Supervisors also get real-time map-based visibility on the sales officers, their daily activities, and audit trail history. The dedicated app for sales officers allows reaching out for more leads and closing them faster thanks to in-field app notifications.

5) Custom Reports and Dashboard

A central system highlights significant trends and patterns and makes it easier to make informed strategic business decisions that help you outperform your competitors.