Reimagine Your Fleet Operations

Drive breakthrough operational efficiency with an agile fleet management system.

    Automate Fleet Management to Drive Productivity

    Manage your fleet assets, like vehicles, drivers, and more, in one place. Eliminate paper and spreadsheets with a centralized system to simplify fleet operations. Enable fleet managers and drivers with robust scheduling and routing capabilities.

    Plan, Optimize, and Customize

    Plan fleet resources by customizable business rules. Easily schedule and assign vehicles to drivers and identify underutilized fleet assets. Reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary fleet assets.

    Gain Complete Visibility into Fleet Operations

    Access everything you need to track fleet performance, including location history, fuel and expense transactions, route progress, fleet assignments, vehicle tracking, and vehicle specifications.

    Advance AI-powered Reporting

    Utilize AI and ML-based algorithms to generate meaningful insights for intelligent decision-making to enhance fleet performance.

    Simplify Fleet Operations with Dista's Fleet Management Software
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    Vehicle Lifecycle Management
    Uncover hidden cost-saving opportunities by tracking the total ownership cost and making informed decisions on vehicle utilization and replacement. Optimize vehicle usage based on individual vehicle performance by responding to evolving market trends.
    Vehicle Capacity Management

    Make the best use of your loading capacity by achieving optimal vehicle load factor and reducing underutilization or overloading.

    Boost Vehicle Fill Rate (VFR)

    Leverage SKU weight & volume recommendations, location of distributor centers, trip frequency, number of vehicles in the fleet, type of vehicles, vehicle capacity, and more

    Driver Behavior and Safety

    Monitor driver behavior like hours of service(HOS), route deviation, delays, over-speeding, excessive idling, and rash driving.

    Expense Management

    Increase cost efficiency by tracking a cost per kilometer/miles/hr data. Log expenses and upload receipts for fuel, toll, parking, etc., via mobile app to ensure faster reimbursements.

    Opitmize Vehicle Utilization and Improve Vehicle Lifecycle with Dista's Fleet Management System
    [Case Study] Learn how Dista orchestrated fleet planning, delivery process and order cycle for a leading B2B e-commerce company.
    Better Collaboration with Contextual Alerts
    Be proactive with preventive maintenance and vehicle inspection reminders to predict issues and reduce maintenance costs. Real-time contextual nudges for drivers to collaborate with fleet managers and get the necessary information.
    Live Alerts and Notifications

    SOS button to alert central office about breakdowns, roadblocks, or other threats, allowing nearest.

    GPS Tracking

    Improve customer communication and operational efficiency with real-time route tracking, auto ETA alerts, and instant route updates.

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