AI-powered Delivery Management Software

Optimize your first to last mile delivery and dispatch experience.

    Trusted By Leading Brands

    Use Location Intelligence to Redefine First to Last Mile Delivery Experience

    38% Increase in Delivery Productivity

    Plan, schedule, track, and route deliveries from a central dashboard
    Prioritize orders to organize delivery operations
    Optimize delivery schedules, routes and smart beat plans

    2X Rise in Deliveries per Day

    Automate order planning and allocation to drive delivery accuracy
    Plan orders by location, type of delivery, driver availability, vehicles capacity, time etc
    Deliver more with less using powerful process automation

    21% Increase in SLA adherence

    Ensure delivery accuracy with AI-powered scheduling and route optimization
    Set SLAs for fleets to match demanding requirements and ensure compliance
    Plan optimum delivery routes to increase SLA adherence

    Increase Vehicle Utilization

    Manage mileage across the fleet and reduce vehicle downtime
    Improve vehicle-fill-ratio and derive maximum usage
    Minimize distance traveled and reduce fuel costs

    Increase Last-Mile Delivery Efficiency

    Get real-time visibility and track delivery progress
    Select the vehicles based on order requirements
    Load vehicles based on the chronological order of deliveries

    Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Win customers with a high first-attempt delivery rate
    Increase customer retention and drive loyalty with higher delivery efficiency
    Reduce uncertainty with proof of delivery and real-time updates


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    Auto Scheduling and Route Optimization

    Optimize delivery planning with automated scheduling and dynamic route planning. Achieve real-time scheduling, accurate and timely deliveries.

    Role-based Access

    Set effective access control by geographic location and job roles. Manage multiple permissions and create customized access for dashboards to ensure compliance.

    Driver Mobile App

    Enable seamless communication between driver and dispatcher to incorporate any real-time delivery updates. Set, manage, and track KPIs to map driver performance metrics.

    Proof of Delivery (PoD)

    Reduce customer anxiety by efficient delivery tracking. Share photos, notes, or documents as PoD to improve order accuracy.

    Fleet Tracking

    Access real-time fleet tracking with smart scheduling and routing for optimal fleet efficiency. Gain end-to-end fleet visibility to enhance driver and vehicle safety.

    Vehicle Configuration

    Create, edit, and customize vehicle constraints for optimal fleet utilization. Configure start and end times based on location.

    Configurable Business Constraints

    Create and manage over 150 customized constraints as per business requirements. Set custom constraints for orders, routes, fleets, distribution hub/warehouse, etc.

    Contextual Nudges

    Send contextual alerts to drivers for informed decision-making. Share instant alerts with managers for manual overrides, SLA breaches, route deviations, delays, and other warnings.

    Live Tracking and ETA

    Get real-time visibility on your vehicles with full transparency of delivery operations. Ensure end-to-end order tracking with live ETA and increase first attempt delivery rate (FADR).

    Powerful Integrations

    Sync your systems seamlessly with our AI-powered delivery management system.

    Use Cases

    Fleet Management

    Gain competitive advantage with a fully optimized fleet. Uncover hidden cost-saving opportunities. Bring drivers and managers on a single platform.

    Order Management

    Auto-allocate orders with dynamic order rescheduling. Automate order planning with smart fulfillment, and flexible sort management. View the complete audit trail of all orders.

    Delivery Management

    Automate order to delivery process. Optimize schedules and routes in real time. Re-organize plans based on road conditions, location, delivery time, vehicle capacity, order volume, fleet availability, etc.

    Contract Management

    Easily manage vendor contracts on a single platform and reduce the contracting cycle. Enable digital contracts to minimize paperwork and ensure a seamless experience for all parties. 

    Location-based Clustering

    Unlock optimal fleet allocation by running clustering algorithms. Minimize overlap between delivery territories and use preference-based planning by easily allocating on-demand deliveries within territories.

    Intelligent Dispatch and Routing

    Streamline order fulfillment with our robust last-mile delivery system. Plan your routes effectively and increase dispatch efficiency.

    Dynamic Slot Management

    Provide flexible fulfillment options for customers by offering dynamic slot management and boosting FADR. Perform efficient delivery planning and improve customer experience.

    Reverse Logistics

    Facilitate smooth returns with seamless order cancellation and rescheduling with preference-based planning. Reduce costs by optimizing resource utilization.

    Reports and analytics

    Unlock advanced analytics and get customized reports. Get a drill-down reporting of – orders, tasks, drivers, vehicles, fleet, and more to improve delivery efficiency.


    Retail and CPG

    Delight customers with flexible delivery options for timing, order volume, and scale your daily deliveries.
    Minimize last-mile delivery errors by informing your fleet with contextual alerts.
    Build customer trust by automating scheduling and route planning, offering multi-channel fulfillment options, and intelligent vehicle allocation.
    Plan safe and quick routes with proof of delivery to ensure a high FADR and enhance customer experience.
    From order to delivery, automate the complete order lifecycle on a single platform and unleash the full potential of your fleet.
    Retail and CPG

    Transport and Logistics

    Supercharge logistics operations with real-time visibility and gain actionable insights on each element of the delivery journey through powerful analytics.
    Optimize the order management cycle to increase vehicle capacity utilization.
    Send location-based alerts and notifications to operations managers, fleet managers, and customers.
    Restructure warehouse location and inventories with Dista Deliver’s intelligent inventory management and configure fast and on-demand delivery products closer to the end customer.
    Increase the speed and efficiency of the reverse logistics process with hyper-local fulfillment locations.
    Transport and Logistics


    Efficiently manage the carrying capacities of all vehicles for maximum utilization.
    Hassle-free task management and real-time communication with delivery partners and drivers.
    Optimize resource utilization and allocation by managing vehicle capacities, fleet availability, driver schedules, and delivery location and allocating the right resource to the right order.
    Automate delivery planning, scheduling, and routing across multiple fulfillment models.
    Delight end customers with preferred delivery schedules to increase the delivery experience and CSAT scores.

    Hyperlocal Delivery

    Improve same-day and next-day delivery with end-to-end logistics planning.
    Delight customers with seamless on-demand order dispatch and allow them to book convenient time slots, thereby minimizing delivery delays and re-attempts.
    Keep customers in the loop with real-time order status and tracking links.
    Get live ETA and visibility on orders with real-time tracking. Supercharge driver performance with route optimization.
    Enable automated dispatch planning, order allocation, and tracking. Discover cost savings and maintain SLA adherence with efficient delivery operations.
    Hyperlocal Delivery

    Food and Beverage

    Cater to high customer demands with faster and more efficient on-demand delivery.
    Facilitate real-time tracking and management of payments. Enable customers to pay with multiple payment options.
    Get real-time visibility of orders by tracking pickup and deliveries as they happen.
    Validate on-demand deliveries with electronic proof of delivery. Reduce errors and miscommunications.
    Ensure authentic customer feedback capturing and leverage it to improve the delivery experience.
    Food and Beverage

    Courier, Express, and Parcel

    Provide an agile delivery experience for white glove delivery services, curbside pickup, and first and last-mile routing with Dista’s robust last-mile delivery software.
    Boost delivery throughput by planning optimal delivery routes with location-based clustering of territories.
    Streamline delivery orchestration by leveraging intelligent route planning to maintain SLA adherence.
    Get a dashboard view on the real-time status of all orders, in-transit delays, missed orders, and more.
    Courier, Express, and Parcel