About Us

Dista is a low-code/no-code location intelligence platform that empowers enterprises to harness the power of location data for strategic decision-making. Our robust platform offers maps-based visualization, strategic insights and operationalization of location intelligence strategies to improve sales, enhance services, and optimize delivery operations.

Our Mission

Applying Location Intelligence to Businesses.

to enhance customer experiences

by improving efficiencies

through innovative solutions

Our Vision


People impacted around the world

Location experiences orchestrated

Value generated for stakeholders

Dista is a pioneering AI-enabled location intelligence platform that is reshaping the way enterprises leverage the power of location data. With a relentless focus on innovation, our mission is to revolutionize location intelligence and empower businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Along with our engineering teams; our product, marketing, sales, customer support, product engineering services and also our people experience and facilities staff is on this single-minded mission.

Our Shared Values

The shared values that binds us together – as one company – guiding us on our journey towards our mission and vision.

Incubated in 2017

Presence in India, US, Mexico,
Argentina, Brazil and Australia

50K+ active daily users

35+ customers across domains
Like BFSI, Food and Logistics

15M monthly transactions

100+ Employees​

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Our Investors

Pentathlon Ventures


ISO/IEC 27001

Meet the Distans

Meet the people who are flag bearers of our vision 2b1B; making location intelligence the North Star for our customers.

Join the team that is transforming businesses across the world.