Drive Profitable Growth and Scale Operational Efficiency

Empower sales and distribution teams with a location-first approach. Bring agility, consistency, and scalability by connecting sales, dispatch, and delivery.

    Applying Location Intelligence to Customers Worldwide

    Challenges for Consumer Goods & Retail Businesses

    Poor Beat Planning
    No Insights on Opening New Store
    Ineffective Hyperlocal Delivery
    Ineffective Retail Outlet Coverage
    Ineffective Sales Territory Planning
    Poor Reverse Logistics
    Lack of Real-time Visibility
    No Omnichannel Fulfillment
    Poor Delivery Efficiency

    Gain Strategic Advantage with Dista

    Design SMART Beat Plans

    Optimize sales and delivery beat plans with an AI-powered scheduling engine. Leverage 100+ business constraints and variables, including retail store location, proximity, order size, and retail outlet priority.

    Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

    Enable omnichannel order fulfillment with accuracy to meet increasing consumer demands. Execute frictionless completion to scale orders, expand flexibility, streamline delivery, and enhance customer experience.

    Scale Delivery Experience at Speed

    Scale delivery operations by meeting all fulfillment demands and optimizing delivery allocation based on volume, weight, fleet capacity, etc. Choose from 150+ business rules to configure and streamline delivery management.

    Effective Sales Territory Planning

    Plan and assign territories to field sales reps to maximize retail outlet coverage. Identify the best locations for expansion based on consumer data, competition, sales data, spending patterns, and ease of access to distribution centers.

    Track End-to-End Field Sales Activity

    Field sales tracking app for attendance, real-time conversations, calls, meetings, retail outlet visits, intelligent lead allocation, and more. Coach sales teams with smart share and collaborate with sales reps for better selling outcomes.

    Evaluate and Expand - Warehouses, Retail Outlets, & DCs

    Evaluate existing distribution centers (DCs), retail outlets, and warehouses’ locations to identify underserved areas. Use multiple data layers, including demographic data, retail store density, and routing plans to evaluate outlet expansion.

    Track Performance Successfully

    Track sales and delivery KPIs to set competitive benchmarks. Evaluate sales pipeline velocity to accelerate conversions. Measure FADR(First Attempt Delivery Rate) using geo-coding to drive peak efficiency and accuracy.

    Simplify Expense Management

    Track sales rep expenses, and create expense reports via their dedicated app. Measure distances traveled by your fleet and track fuel consumption to optimize fuel usage. Get better visibility of cost per mile/Km for your fleet to control costs.

    See How Organizations Leverage Dista to Grow

    Prominent Bank Facilitates Seamless Merchant Acquisition with Dista

    Prominent bank facilitates seamless merchant acquisition with Dista

    Dista’s Fleet Management System Helps Leading Cash Management Firm Manage Over 3,000 Field Assets

    Cash management firm manages over 3,000 field assets with Dista

    Leading Indian Bank Ensures Smooth Doorstep Banking Powered by Dista Field Service

    Dista orchestrates smooth doorstep banking service for a leading bank