Prominent Bank Facilitates Seamless Merchant Acquisition With Dista

Value Delivered

sale of POS machines
in lead actioning TAT
lead conversion rate
into cost vs. sales efficiency for different areas/branches


One of the leading banks in India was looking for a system to streamline its merchant acquisition business unit. It wanted to increase the sale of its point-of-sale (POS) machines, improve portfolio management, and enhance service request offering for a better merchant experience.


The bank was looking for a better system to identify potential customers and have actionable insights on leads. The existing disposition collection process failed to capture customer details regarding the current account, barcodes of the POS machines, and more. Supervisors needed more visibility on field sales officers and a way to monitor their productivity.


  • The Dista Sales app allowed executives to target high potential areas and small and medium businesses (SMB) to enhance sales coverage for POS machines.

  • With the Service app, agents had instant access to merchant details that helped them offer timely service and maintenance for the machines.

  • By leveraging the web console, managers received crucial lead insights and could manually assign and reassign leads to the executive. They also got real-time visibility on sales agents and their visits.

  • Crucial insights into the nature and volume of POS machine transactions helped managers find gaps and improve performance.

  • Our system offered multiple dashboards for lead lifecycle, audit trails, POS machine transaction summaries, regional performance, and more.


  • Dedicated apps helped managers and agents complete their tasks effectively and efficiently on the go

  • Gamification and leaderboard boosted sales teams’ productivity and performance

  • Sales executives captured lead disposition on the go and facilitated up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

  • They were also able to log merchant conversions via the app