Power Banking & Financial Services with Location Intelligence

Elevate the banking experience and accelerate customer acquisition. Drive towards achieving excellence in banking and financial services

    Applying Location Intelligence to Customers Worldwide

    Challenges in Banking & Financial Services

    Poor Field Agent Optimization and Visibility
    Lack of Adequate Business Intelligence
    Lack of Insights for New Branch Location
    Unable to Identify Delinquent Areas
    Ineffective Field Collections Management
    Poor Doorstep Banking Services

    Turbocharge Business Operations With the Dista Advantage

    Dista is a one-stop platform to simplify critical services like lead management, debt collection, and more.

    Catchment Analysis

    Catchment analysis offers area definition based on real business parameters instead of only pincode-based grids. Improve branch throughput and lead acceptance rate. Prioritize high potential leads using smart allocation engine. Get intuitive visualization of catchment areas to outside sales reps.

    Account Hunting and Farming

    Get a 360-degree portfolio view and visit recommendations to capture more leads and increase customer conversion. Fine-tune upselling and cross-selling of products with smart proposals and pricing calculators.

    Doorstep Banking

    Improve customer experience by orchestrating doorstep banking for them. Enable your relationship manager to collect documents and KYC info, capture visit outcomes, perform address verification, and rank higher in CSAT.

    Micro-market Mapping

    Factor-in the location metric to map coverage of existing dealers, partners, and agencies. Identify potential business areas and leads that can qualify as effective channel partners to increase market penetration.

    Field Collections & Recovery

    Facilitate smart case allocation to the right collection agents. Verify addresses, manage agencies, and streamline end-to-end case execution. Prompt nearby cases to save residual time and schedule meetings dynamically for promise-to-pay (PTP) cases.

    Cash Transport Management

    Orchestrate cash transport to ATM as per RBI guidelines with optimal route planning. Intelligent routing of cash and valuables transportation with ETA and live fleet tracking. Get real-time updates on delays, and SOS for drivers.

    Delinquency Insights

    Identify areas with high delinquent cases. Create risk profiles based on historic collection data via industry and government bureaus. Add delinquency data and missed EMIs data to get contextual ML-based recommendations for redefining territories.

    Vault & Cassette Management

    Cash reconciliation and live cassette tracking dashboard for supervisors to ensure minimum leakage during cash pickup and deposits. Actionable insights for customers, agencies, and agents. Use QR codes to tag cassettes and monitor during transit.

    Learn how Dista helps organizations drive productivity and grow revenue

    Prominent Bank Facilitates Seamless Merchant Acquisition with Dista

    Prominent bank facilitates seamless merchant acquisition with Dista

    Dista’s Fleet Management System Helps Leading Cash Management Firm Manage Over 3,000 Field Assets

    Cash management firm manages over 3,000 field assets with Dista

    Leading Indian Bank Ensures Smooth Doorstep Banking Powered by Dista Field Service

    Dista orchestrates smooth doorstep banking service for a leading bank