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Get consistent service agility with an AI-powered field service management software.

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    Turn Field Service Organization into a Profit Center

    Boost First Time Fix Rate by 73%

    Improve FTFR with intelligent job assignment and easy access to right tools
    Get easy access to knowledge tools to boost team collaboration and productivity
    Automatically plan routes and prioritize jobs based on specific business rules

    Increase Technician Productivity by 43%

    Reduce field service executive downtime with intelligent scheduling
    Ensure seamless service interaction and gain control over service outcomes
    Enable faster service interactions and keep a track of all jobs at one place

    Amplify Daily Jobs by 35%

    Leverage work order management to streamline job assignments and boost completion rate
    Organize, create, and manage recurring tasks to increase job allocation
    Empower service reps to do more jobs by effectively planning their day

    Boost Operational Efficiency with Field Service Automation

    Maximize service agility to supercharge technician efficiency
    Eliminate repetitive tasks with end-to-end automation
    Streamline communication process with prospects from a central system driving faster resolutions and remove bottlenecks

    Enhance Customer Experience

    Allow customers to select a preferred time slot and get real-time updates on their service requests
    Deliver seamless service to ensure a positive customer experience
    Leverage customer feedback to personalize service approach and improve CSAT scores

    Get Real-time Visibility on Service Interactions

    Track end-to-end service lifecycle to get full visibility of your service engagement
    Get full transparency on team performance and ensure frictionless service delivery
    Set and measure process KPIs to optimize service delivery


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    Scheduling and Dispatch

    Assign the right technician to the right job with AI-powered auto-scheduling. Allocate jobs with multiple parameters like skillset, proximity, priority, availability and more.

    Dynamic Route Planning

    Guide and track your field workforce through fast, safe, and efficient routes. Reduce travel time and distance traveled and maintain fuel costs with accurate route planning.

    Powerful Analytics and Reporting

    Set, measure, and analyze key service KPIs and metrics across territories with custom dashboards. Get in-depth and relevant location-powered insights for informed business decisions.

    Service Territory Planning

    Create, view, and analyze service areas to streamline work order scheduling and technician utilization. Visualize field ops and add custom data layers for connected insights.

    Role-based Access

    Define org hierarchy and streamline approval cycle. Enable access control to ensure strict compliance. Allow members to share relevant data with relevant functions and managers.

    Geo-fenced Field Monitoring

    Set geofencing triggers for service technicians for their serviceable areas. Send alerts to back office staff when the technician visits those areas.

    Contextual Nudges

    Offer AI/ML-based recommendations to service reps and help them with the next-best action. Increase job engagement and boost technician productivity with contextual alerts.


    Empower service technicians to do more with the mobile app. Streamline tasks, access customer data, collaborate seamlessly and collect disposition on the go.

    Knowledge Hub

    Develop and update an internal knowledge hub to enable smooth servicing. Offer articles, instructional manuals for faster service resolution and better customer service.

    Easy Configurability

    Highly customizable software with multiple configurations available by hierarchy, geography, team and service technicians. Set flexible workflows as per your business process to empower your service organizations.

    Automate service workflows, minimize service downtime, and reduce cost by using Dista’s field service management software. Drive breakthrough field service excellence.

    Explore all features to see how Dista Service helps enhance field service experience.

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    Use Cases

    Work Order Management

    Create, edit, assign, and manage job requests from a central dashboard to increase workforce utilization. Streamline and automate workflows for higher operational efficiency. 

    Capacity Management

    Auto-calculate capacity and reduce downtime with intelligent resource planning. Dista’s robust appointment booking engine ensures no overlap between jobs to avoid double booking.

    Service Contractor Management

    Collaborate with contractors to outsource jobs and enable dispatchers to get real-time insight into contractor work status. Engage with third-party field force to maximize productivity.

    Inventory Management App Dashboard for Field Service Management Software

    Inventory Management

    Map and track inventories with service requests and field agents in play. Search and request parts easily via the field service mobile app on the go.

    Contract Management

    Ensure control over your service contracts by having a single repository. Get a 360-degree view of all contracts and track SLA compliances, renewals, and more.

    Invoice Management

    Say goodbye to heavy paperwork and automate invoice creations with preset templates. Maintain a hassle-free invoicing cycle and reduce costs.



    Minimize machine downtime and increase productivity with predictive maintenance
    Optimize resource utilization and allocation with intelligent service planning
    Reduce training costs with knowledge management and coach service technicians on the go
    Close more jobs in a day with end-to-end field service automation
    Improve SLA adherence for jobs

    Energy & Utilities

    Reduce costs with data-driven scheduling and dispatch
    Use AI/ML-based recommendations to make smarter decisions on the replacement and maintenance of equipments
    Assess risks based on service audit trail to extend the life of utility infrastructure
    Minimize downtime and ensure predictive maintenance based on real-time data
    Drive high efficiencies across the field asset lifecycle to ensure resilient power grid infrastructure
    Energy & Utilities


    Boost FTFR with an AI-powered scheduling and dispatch engine and enhance customer satisfaction
    Save time by enabling field service technicians with real-time information on parts and service contracts
    Dispatch service technicians by skillset, availability, proximity, capacity, and more, to achieve superior network service efficiency
    Manage third-party service contractors and track suitable performance metrics in real-time
    Enhance customer experience by driving superior network equipment performance resulting in low subscriber churn

    Oil & Gas

    Build a resilient oil and gas upstream operation with seamless work order automation and timely inspections
    Share critical information on repair and maintenance via the field service mobile application to reduce equipment downtime
    Get complete visibility on service interactions and improve reliability of all field resources
    Integrate with other systems to have a centralized dashboard for scheduling and routing
    Reduce service-to-invoice cycle by integrating with ERP and reducing billing errors
    Oil and Gas

    Healthcare & Pharma

    Digitize, automate, and manage field health staff and nurses for hospice agencies
    Streamline and orchestrate the movement of phlebotomists for biosample collection
    Manage medical reps and their daily visits based on location and smart customer filters
    Optimize communication between service reps and managers back office with the Service app
    Allow technicians to manage their attendance and expense management directly from the app
    Healthcare & Pharma


    Browse our FAQs section to know more about our field service management platform and how it can contribute to your success.

    Still have questions ?​

    Dista Service was created to serve as a virtual office for all field agents due to their hectic travel schedules, intermittent network issues, and data upkeep. They need work order info on the go, along with inventory details, a knowledge base for effective troubleshooting, scheduling/rescheduling meetings, generating service payment receipts, and closing request OTP handshakes, among other things. A truly multi-feature app, Dista Service doubles as an excellent mobile workspace to reduce TAT and improve productivity.

    Yes, supervisors can track individual field service agents’ history along with completed customer visits and live ETA while on the job. This helps in monitoring field executive productivity owing to the real-time updates of their movements.

    Dista Service’s AI-based allocation engine auto assigns work orders to the right field service engineers after considering key factors including availability, skillset, proximity, and more. This helps in maximizing the use of resources and reduces the idle time for field service engineers. Managers can also override and assign service requests manually to accommodate requests as per availability, skills, location proximity, etc.

    This is a key feature of the app and helps in effective management of work orders that come into the system and are assigned to field service agents. This helps not only in assigning requests in real-time but also providing agents with shortest and quickest routes to respond sooner. Not only does this help in quick assignment of service requests and TAT but also elevates customer experience and consumer satisfaction.

    Details of inventory are on the app and can be tracked via product line, name and other details. This comes in handy when field agents are on service request or getting assigned new ones on the go. This has significantly contributed in first-time fix rates for a number of Dista clients.

    Using the app, field service agents can close service requests and generate receipts for proof of completion and payment processing.