What Makes Dista Service Special?

Managing a large field workforce is one of the significant challenges for organizations. Ensuring your field resources perform their tasks seamlessly is crucial as it ultimately means happy customers. A robust field service management software (FSM), like Dista Service, automates the deployment and tracking of your field resources.

Our field service automation software helps organizations unleash the full potential of their field service operations by intelligent scheduling, route optimization, real-time tracking, and more, ensuring higher customer experience and improved efficiency. Let’s see what sets Dista Service apart from the competition.

Key Field Service Challenges

An organization comprising a large field force can typically come across these challenges.

  • Legacy system that functions on old technology and poor user experience
  • Lack of a centralized system for monitoring, managing tasks, scheduling conflicts, and more
  • Absence of legacy systems to leverage the location parameter
  • Absence of geotagging customers, tracking deviation, and geofencing
  • Poor technician productivity due to the need for frequent office/warehouse visits
  • Multiple steps and complex navigation in the mobile app
  • Customer grading and feedback with old functionality
  • Planning and scheduling for tasks and appointments
  • Rigid workflow configuration

Customer Expectations

  • Seamless appointment booking
  • Choice of preferred time slot
  • Transparency of operations
  • Lesser waiting time for technician arrival
  • First-time fix rate

Secret Sauce of Dista Service

Our field service management system caters to three crucial personas in an organization –

  • Service technicians
  • Supervisors/ Managers
  • Business leaders/Management

Our dynamic and customizable system combats their respective challenges and pain points and offers cutting-edge solutions to empower them to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently.

Dista service scheduling

Efficient Operations

  • Smart work order allocation increases field technician productivity
  • Mobile office to finish all tasks on the go
  • Optimal route suggestions to reduce travel time
  • Contextual nudges to enhance TAT

Monitor Performance

  • Real-time tracking/visibility of service technicians and live job status updates
  • Create, manage, and view work orders instantly
  • Full visibility on in-field operations
Real time tracking with job status


  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • AI/ML engines help with forecasting and planning
  • Customizable dashboards enable better decision-making

Dista Service offers several out-of-the-box services that can be configured and customized. Let’s take a look at them. 

1) Role-based access

Our system allows creating role-based access to different users in an organization. It lets you control who has access to specific internal resources, what they can do with those resources, and what areas they have access to. We can configure the system to give read-only/edit access to different players depending on their roles. Similarly, if there are multiple hierarchies in the organization, our system can restrict access to certain reports for managers, senior managers, and so on. This feature enables better compliance and reporting capabilities.

2) Geo-tagging and geo-fencing

The system leverages AI/ML-based engines to draw serviceable areas for a business. You can assign service technicians to these areas and set geofencing triggers to send an alert/notification/action when the technician visits those areas. This feature is typically used for tracking vehicle fleets, delivery agents, and so on.

3) Customized business rules

With the Dista platform, you can set, manage, and launch customized business rules depending on your business requirement. It ensures that tasks are executed consistently.

4) Intelligent job assignment

Dista Service’s allocation engine assigns jobs to service technicians by considering several factors like skillset, priority, availability, and proximity. This improves accuracy in managing appointments, thereby improving the turnaround time (TAT) and SLA compliance.

5) Mobile app offline mode

The service technicians’ mobile app will continue to work in the background even if they are in an area with low or no internet connection. Changes made get stored on the device and are synced to the server once the internet connection restores.

Are you looking for a field service management solution? Get in touch with us, and we can set up a quick demo for Dista Service.