Feature Overview: Scheduling and Dispatch – Dista Service

Scheduling and dispatch are some of the vital features of Dista Service, our field service management platform. It ensures the right field agent is sent for the right job, thereby optimizing service efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. The system automates your field service scheduling and dispatch activities and helps reduce costs and cater to higher service requests.

Dista Service Scheduling and Dispatch Features

Dista service scheduling

1) Smart Scheduling with Customizable Views

The scheduling software offers dispatchers a workspace view consisting of a task pane that records all tasks for the day. It has a Gantt chart view of all the agents and the task assigned for the day or week. Tasks are color-coded depending on the status, i.e., completed, in progress, accepted, assigned, which helps supervisors/dispatchers see their status at a glance. The Gantt chart view also showcases estimated travel time and km for each task. It offers a map view with details of all the field agents and tasks assigned with the ability to filter them according to the status. The web console enables dispatchers to configure how they want to view the field technician details.

2) Smooth Task Allocation

The dispatcher gets a list of field agents capable of doing the job based on the job type and skill set. In addition to automatic scheduling, the supervisor/dispatcher web console can recommend and dynamically schedule a task to the most suitable field agent based on the current location, type of job, schedule, availability, and skillset. They can assign a new task to the field agent in place of another low-priority one already scheduled. Our system automatically moves the low-priority task to the next available slot and allows the admin to change the date and time.

3) Task Overview for Better Field Agent Monitoring

The dispatcher dashboard shows a daily snapshot of important pending dispatches, SLA breached, field agents running late/behind schedule. Dispatchers/supervisors can check the availability of the nearest technician with relevant skills and plan routes to minimize delays and improve response time. They can track and monitor routes taken by technicians, off-loading time, check-in and check-out time, and real-time status of their jobs.

4) Capacity Planning

Dista Service facilitates intelligent capacity management with auto-calculation for easier jobs management. You can define different slots for different times of the day and days of the week. Our system offers two options to control the number of work orders accepted in a given service area. Firstly, it calculates the available capacity based on the number of field agents, their skill sets, and the overbooking ratio to account for reschedules, cancelations, ad hoc jobs, etc. Secondly, the capacity is derived via analytical models and fed to Dista.

The web console showcases available slots for field technicians based on their capacity and skillsets. Our system automatically assigns a new job to the right agent based on their proximity, matching his skill and zone. It also provides a capacity planning module that factors slot capacity, availability, leaves, overbooking, rebalancing, job type, and travel time. It facilitates dynamic pricing for field technicians based on different time slots.

5) Skillset Planning

Dispatchers can create and define skills based on different skillsets like skill level 1, level 2, and so on. Next up, they can assign work skills and skill levels to the resources based on their ability to perform jobs. Our system automates complex scheduling instantly and ensures jobs don’t remain unassigned. As jobs are assigned according to skillsets, it improves the first-time fix rate (FTFR), thereby boosting customer satisfaction.

Dista Service Scheduling and Dispatch Benefits

  • Real-time complete visibility on field technicians

  • Scheduling aligned with business objectives

  • Increased field agent accountability and productivity

  • Easier communication between technicians and supervisors via a dedicated mobile app

  • Increased number of jobs and FTFR

Auto-scheduling and dispatch software offers much-needed accuracy and transparency in the scheduling and dispatch processes to ensure optimal utilization of field resources. Organize schedule and dispatch activities in real-time to increase service effectiveness and reduce operational costs. Schedule a demo and learn how Dista Service can improve your operational efficiency.