Location Intelligence for Pharma and Life Science Companies

Apply location intelligence to enhance MR (Medical Rep) productivity. Power and scale your logistics and distribution operations to drive successful outcomes.

    Applying Location Intelligence to Customers Worldwide
    Challenges for Pharma & Life Sciences Businesses
    Unable to Track Medical Rep(MR) Activity
    Poor Visibility of HCP Interactions
    Poor MR Scheduling and Route Planning
    Poor Territory Planning and Maps-based Insights
    Poor Sales Mapping by Region, Pharmacies, etc.
    Lack of Relevant Field Coaching for MRs
    No Omni Channel Distribution Strategy
    Ineffective Hyperlocal Medicine Delivery
    Poor Sample Reconciliation
    Lack of Real-time Visibility
    Poor Delivery Efficiency
    Inefficient Consignment Planning
    How Dista Powers Pharma and Life Sciences Organizations

    Effective Scheduling and Smart Beat Planning

    Plan the most efficient route for the day to maximize healthcare professional/practitioner/provider (HCP), clinic, distributor, and pharmacy coverage. Schedule visits with 100+ business constraints, like MR availability, HCP location, proximity, MR skillset, and more.

    Maximize Productivity with Field Sales Automation

    Track app for daily attendance, real-time conversations, calls, meetings, HCP visits, intelligent lead allocation, and prioritization. Automate MR allocation based on skills, availability, and location.

    Align Sales Territories

    Realign sales teams to balance field sales reps and the number of HCPs, pharmacies, etc. Plan new territories and eliminate manual work to identify underserved areas, minimize travel time, optimize physician visits, focus on lucrative deals, and strengthen relationships.

    Efficient Distributor Network Management

    Analyze your distribution network by locating pharmacies, doctors/clinics to understand the area covered by MRs and distributors, underserved areas, etc. Map sales conversions by distributors, region, pharmacies, and sales reps to identify areas, physicians, and pharmacies with the highest sales potential.

    Evaluate and Expand

    Perform competitive analysis and map markets by plotting competitors, demographic and socioeconomic data, disease outbreaks, underserved areas, and order/prescription volumes by HCPs, hospitals, etc. Unlock actionable insights for strategic decisions on opening, closing, or relocating sites for sales reps, stores, and distributors.

    Sell More with ‘Smart Share’

    Engage with HCPs by sharing interactive content and make sure your field sales provide them with the correct information. Collaborate and share information on the go with senior executives to improve engagement.

    Flexible Order Planning and Fulfillment

    Collect and log orders from clinics, doctors, pharmacies, etc, and integrate with CRM to set up an efficient lead management system. Assign orders based on truck capacity, distance covered, timelines, type of goods, special requirements like cold storage, etc. Ensure speedy order fulfillment.

    Enhance Engagement with Contextual Recommendations and Alerts

    Strengthen connections with potential customers via contextual nudges to improve sales. Get predictive alerts of nearby pharmacies, treatment centers, and clinics based on live location and schedule visits. Improve customer experience with informed customer interactions.

    Smarter Fleet Utilization

    Generate efficient packing configurations for loading cargo into containers, which ensures vehicle optimization, thereby reducing turnaround time and delivery costs with higher vehicle fill ratios (VFR). Dynamically cluster addresses to ensure SLA compliance, which increased fleet utilization

    Streamline Medicine Delivery

    Scale delivery operations by speedy order fulfillment with a dynamic route optimization engine that picks the shortest & fastest routes to manage multiple deliveries. Empower your doorstep services like, home delivery of medicines, pathology sample collection, etc.

    Powerful Reporting & Analytics

    Monitor sales and delivery performance with real-time reporting and customized dashboards. Set priorities for sales and delivery teams by territories, hierarchy, meetings, fleets, fuel usage, distance traveled, vehicle capacity, and utilization. Improve SLA adherence and TAT with continuous measurement.

    Simplify Expense Management

    Record expenses via the mobile app for medical sales reps. Ensure a seamless approval process and eliminate any manual interventions for incentive claims. Allow payments through cash, card, cheque, wallets, and invoice/receipt generation for flexible receivables.

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