How Dista Service Streamlines Phlebotomy Blood Sample Collection

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have put additional pressure on pathology labs and diagnostic centers. As people avoid visiting crowded places and waiting in long queues, there has been an increase in demand for mobile phlebotomists. Even before the pandemic, people would avail online sample collection services.

Here’s how Dista Service streamlines orchestration of phlebotomists for online blood sample collection.

What is Mobile Phlebotomy?

Mobile phlebotomy is a service when a professional phlebotomist visits patients’ home to collect blood samples and takes them to the lab for analysis. They label, organize, and deliver samples to the labs for analysis.

How does Dista Help?

Several diagnostics centers and pathology labs leverage Dista Service, our field service management software, to streamline their collection and delivery process. Our software helps speed up turnaround time (TAT) for specimen collection and boosts agent productivity. It digitizes the entire process and makes appointment booking, reports collection, and payments more manageable. Moreover, it offers increased patient safety with accuracy and eliminates specimen collection errors.

Dista service phloebotomy blood sample collection

Key Features

1) Intelligent Job Allocation

Allocate home sample collections to phlebotomists based on availability, time, skillset, proximity, and equitable workload distribution.

2) Appointment Booking

Allows users to book blood tests and specimen collection from home via the web, app, and phone with preferred time slots, test details, and payment options.

3) Patient Management

Easily register new patients and capture demographics with image scan and document upload using the mobile app.

4) Smart Alerts

Stay connected with patients and provide the details of the appointments, due dates, reminders, test progress, and report collections via text message and email.

5) Paperless Diagnostics

Paperless health check-ups with OTP or email-based confirmations. Easier access and storage with digital patient records and reports.

6) Intelligent Beat Routing

Minimize time between multiple sample collection locations with intelligent beat routing.

7) Field Tracking

Provide field technicians with all information about specimen collection location, test details, patient history, upcoming visits, instructions, and track the field activity in real-time with the mobile app.