Mobile Phlebotomy

Streamline and Automate Specimen & Blood Sample Collection

Orchestrate and Empower Phlebotomists for a Seamless Sample Collection.

Improve TAT for Specimen Collections

Empower Phlebotomists with an App

Manage orders and collect samples with a dedicated app. Access patient details like name, address, sample collection request. Optimize routing and record depositions after collecting samples.

Auto and Manual Order Allocation

Auto allocate orders to the right phlebotomist based on skillset, proximity, priority, etc or manually assign patient requests. Minimize the time between multiple collection orders with intelligent beat routing.

Real-time End-to-end Visibility

Dashboard to track real-time job status. Reduce the risk of errors by automating processes and minimizing manual interventions.

[Case Study] Dista Streamlines Sample Pick up Collection for a B2B Diagnostics Chain

Enhance Customer Experience

Seamless Appointment Booking

Enable patients to seamlessly book an appointment for a preferred time slot to collect specimens from home.

Live Tracking and ETA

Patients can track the phlebotomists' movement in real time with the tracking URL sent via SMS. They also get details of the phlebotomists before their visits.

Performance Metrics and Analytics

Our system provides actionable performance metrics on the number of biosamples collected within a set time interval.

[Case Study] Dista Streamlines Sample Pick up Collection for a B2B Diagnostics Chain


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Still have questions ?​

A dedicated app enables phlebotomists to manage orders efficiently, access patient details, optimize routing, and record depositions after sample collection, improving operational efficiency and accuracy.

Dista’s AI/ML-powered allocation engine automatically allocates orders to the most suitable phlebotomist based on skill set, proximity, availability, and priority. This ensures timely specimen collection, enhancing turnaround time (TAT).

Yes. Our software offers a dashboard for real-time tracking of job statuses. This helps managers monitor operations and improve scheduling to tap more daily visits.

Our software enables seamless appointment booking for specimen collection, allowing patients to choose preferred time slots for home collection. This improves convenience and patient satisfaction.