Dista Streamlines Foodtech Ventures’ Cooking-on-the-go Business by Delivering Piping Hot Pizzas Fresh Out of the Oven

Getting food delivered at our doorsteps is a blessing, and we have learned to appreciate it even more during the pandemic. However, the food is often cold when it reaches us and fails to meet the restaurant-style quality. The delivery experience can be further challenging, especially for pizzas, as they can become soggy and lose their freshness rather quickly. Most of us, at some point, might have wished there was a perfect way to relish a pizza straight out of the oven in the comfort of our home. Well, thanks to Ashutosh Mahindru and his new venture, we can now have that same experience.

Foodtech Ventures’ (FTV) is a unique mobile kitchen that delivers piping hot gourmet pizzas by adopting the cooking-on-the-go delivery model. Instead of preparing pizzas in a fixed kitchen setup, they are baked inside a mobile kitchen van while being delivered to the customers’ doorstep. The main aim of the venture is to allow customers to enjoy pizzas fresh out of the oven and offer a restaurant-fresh dining experience.

Dista Food, our food delivery management system, helps FTV deliver piping hot pizzas to their beloved customers on time. Our robust food delivery solution tracks their mobile kitchens on the road and streamlines their entire delivery process.

Key Challenges Addressed by Dista

  • Demarking delivery areas and mobile kitchens in the given areas

  • Know the exact location of their mobile kitchen fleet at all times

  • Technology to get the maximum out of each mobile kitchen in terms of orders delivered while keeping the promise of fresh pizza at doorstep

  • Decide whether a given order should be accepted or not

  • Dynamic and intelligent allocation of the correct order to the right mobile kitchen based on various parameters like location, distance, traffic, and more.

How Does Dista Help?

In the case of mobile kitchens, the food is prepared on the go and gets ready when it reaches the customer’s location. FTV needed a solution that offers a way to track and manage the mobile kitchen fleet. Dista Food helped them set up a system that seamlessly assigns orders to the correct mobile kitchen. It leverages AI to decide if the order for the given time slot can be accepted, following which it auto allocates incoming orders in real-time by considering critical factors like proximity, availability, and priority. We also offer real-time tracking of orders in transit and notifications with a live ETA to customers. In addition, Dista Food is equipped with a route optimization feature that provides the quickest and shortest route for optimum deliveries. We customized our delivery management software to offer specific solutions crucial to cater to their unique business model.

Giving insights about how Dista helped their business, Ashutosh Mahindru, Founder and CEO Foodtech Ventures, said, “As a startup, we felt the technology required to manage our business would be out of our reach. We thought it was available only to industry giants after spending millions of dollars. However, Dista offered us the best solution to streamline our delivery process affordably. I believe Dista is democratizing technology that is essential across industries and is offering it to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who otherwise find it challenging to afford it.”

“It would have been impossible to launch our operations and streamline the process manually. We would have easily overcommitted and compromised on a great customer experience or would have under committed, leading to an opportunity loss. I am glad we stumbled upon Dista at the right time and were able to get the correct solution at the click of the button for the smooth running of our business operation”, added Mahindru.

Foodtech Ventures aims to expand within India and start operations in top metros in the next six to nine months. The startup is looking for ways to scale, improve customer experience, and strengthen capacity utilization. Dista will continue to play a pivotal role in its journey of business expansion. Mahindru lauded Dista for their prompt response and dedicated teams that customized solutions and adapted as per the business needs.

Dista offers high-end solutions to enhance business processes. We are known for our talented team that is responsive and provides quick turnkey solutions to our customer’s requirements.