Feature Overview: Nudges – Dista Sales

What are Nudges?

Nudges are contextual push notifications that are sent to the dedicated sales officers’ mobile app. Dista Sales, our sales productivity app, sends nudges to help them complete their tasks efficiently and offer suggestions for the next course of action when they are on the field. Typically, the most common nudges tailored for sales reps are for recurring events like creating new leads, upcoming tasks, new potential leads, and finished tasks, among others. The system also sends a nudge to a sales officer about a lead near their location. This helps them engage with the lead faster and before their competition.

Feature Overview: Nudges – Dista Sales

Benefits of Nudges

  • Engage with more leads – Help sales reps achieve their goals by sending reminders and important updates as nudges.
  • Improve team engagement –  Help your team prioritize key tasks with custom messages, program highlights, and policy updates.
  • Personalize notifications – Send custom nudges to your sales representatives that are tailored as per your organizational needs.
  • Task management – Send instant nudges to sales officers to schedule, reschedule, set follow-up meetings, etc, thereby help boost productivity.

Types of Nudges Offered by Dista Sales

The system will trigger the following nudges to the sales officer mobile app.

1) Daily check-in and check-out reminders for sales reps on the mobile app

2) Today’s follow up or fixed meetings

3) Reminders for unactioned leads

4) Notifying sales officers about the nearby leads

5) Send alerts about nearby customers during a field visit

6) Notify sales managers when a lead is assigned to any sales representative

7) Reminders about newly assigned leads

8) Rebroadcast unassigned leads

9) Send notifications after one week as per the last action date & time. Clicking on the notification will take the user to that lead.

Dista Sales also lets you create custom nudge templates for specific events. Field sales reps can perform several actions directly from their phone, like viewing leads, calling them, and more.