A Leading Private Bank Increases Sales Conversions by 26% with Dista Sales

Value Delivered

Lead allocation & actioning
Sales coverage enhancement
Sales conversion
Sales rep productivity


The customer is one of India’s leading private sector banks with over 6,000 branches across the country. The bank wanted to increase their customer acquisition and improve sales conversions.


Branch heads across the country were assigning leads to their field sales representatives based on the pincode mapping of the reps. This led to unoptimized sales operations as outside sales agents from multiple branches were assigned to the same pincode. The bank was looking for a system to simplify lead allocation, reduce longer lead actioning time, and boost customer conversions.


1. Intelligent Lead Allocation

Dista Sales, our AI-powered field sales management software, allocated leads to the right field sales agent based on multiple parameters, including proximity, capacity, skillset, customer priority, and more. This increased lead assignments, and fewer leads were left unactioned.

2. Smart Beat Planning

The sales productivity platform clubbed new, nearby, and adhoc leads and assigned all leads to the right sales rep for an efficient daily beat plan. This helped them focus more on customer visits, improved engagement, and reduced travel time.

3. Catchment Area Analysis

With Dista Sales, the bank created and assigned catchment areas to executives based on sales coverage and lead clusters. The system also plotted customers and prospects on maps in the form of clusters for better visualization. This helped them efficiently identify key areas and manage their resources. This was crucial to their resource planning and deployment.

4. Seamless Sales Enablement

A dedicated app for outside sales reps empowered them to act on leads timely. Features like Smart Share enabled them to upsell and cross-sell to customers with relevant product brochures and information directly from the app.

5. Auto Lead Management

The lead management system helped sales reps respond faster and ensured timely follow-ups for faster closures. It also enabled seamless lead tracking and streamlined workflows.


  • Enhanced sales productivity with AI-powered smart nudges to recommend next-best-action to sales reps.

  • Better real-time visibility on sales teams for effective resource allocation and tracking their performance.

  • Maximized sales coverage with strategic and smart recommendations.

  • Visualized the geographical spread and focused on the performance of the sales areas by revenue, agent, and number of customers.