Global Pizza Chain Leverages Dista Insight and Dista Deliver for Market Expansion and Delivery in India

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Stores managed
Monthly orders orchestrated
SLA adherence
Delivery orchestration


The customer is a global pizza chain leader. The quick service restaurant (QSR) delivers pizzas within strict SLA in minutes. It has nearly 700 stores nationwide and was looking to improve customer coverage and open new outlets.


The pizza chain major needed insights to identify new territories and potential markets to open new outlets and expand the business. The TAT for launching new outlets was longer, and they were seeking ways to reduce it. The QSR was also looking to improve their delivery process and get better visibility on the orchestration of orders to maintain SLAs.


1. Intelligent Trade Zone Management

With Dista Insight, the company digitized its trade zones to better visualize serviceable and non-serviceable areas. Our AI/ML-based system created dynamic trade zones based on the distance parameter to streamline order allocation. This helped them define the serviceability of particular zones and manage resources effectively.

2. Site Selection

Our geospatial analytics software overlaid POI data like competitor analysis, customer demographics, potential orders, population, income index, etc., to perform simulations and arrive at trends and patterns. It also offered recommendations for site selection or reconfiguring trade zones for optimal coverage. The map-based visualization helped the leaders make strategic decisions and supercharge their operations.

3. Role-based Access Control

The QSR leader needed a flexible way to limit and modify system access to information based on different business users and their roles. Dista offered users role-based access control to protect sensitive data and improve security.

4. Marketing and Promotions

Dista Insight helped the pizza chain improve their loyalty program and tweak promotions by targeting the right customers based on their order history and potential.

5. Delivery Management

Dista Deliver, our delivery management software, offered customers an order tracking link, enabling them to monitor the order in real-time and get live ETA. The rider tracking system enabled restaurant managers to monitor deliveries and rider performance.


  • Geographical drill-down analytics on individual outlet performance to identify gaps and tweak strategies.

  • Define and refine marketing promotions based on customer profiling, historical data, trends, and patterns, etc.

  • Improved customer experience with live order tracking link and maintaining delivery SLA.

  • Streamlined order orchestration and improved the overall delivery experience.