Realize the True Value of Operational Transformation with Location Intelligence for Insurance

Boost insurance agent productivity, expand their reach, and mitigate risk. Bring reliability and flexibility to your insurance operations and drive breakthrough performance.

    Applying Location Intelligence to Customers Worldwide

    Challenges for Insurance Businesses

    Unable to Track Insurance Agent Activity
    Ineffective Field Claims Processing
    Inadequate Visibility of Customer Interactions
    Unable to Detect Fraud Effectively
    Poor Planning of Sales Rep Schedules and Routes
    Poor Customer Experience
    Poor Territory Planning and Insights
    Long & Slow Underwriting Cycles

    How Dista Powers Insurance Organizations

    Efficient and Smart Beat Planning

    Plan efficient and safest routes to maximize insurance agent coverage. Leverage 100+ business constraints, including agent availability, customer location, proximity, and skill set. Enable dynamic route optimization to maximize agent visit productivity.

    Automate Lead Allocation

    Distribute leads based on configurable business rules to sales agents, call centers, and agencies. Prioritize leads by location, proximity, insurance type, agent availability, capacity, etc., and maintain equitable distribution.

    Strategically Align Sales Territories

    Design dynamic sales territories with visual tools and location data layers. Manage sales coverage by accessibility, volume, market potential, etc. Enable insurers to align insurance agencies by territories for better visibility.

    Simplify Insurance Agency Management

    Utilize territory optimization and planning for agency field sales teams to avoid over-serving regions and ensure optimal resource allocation. Track all agency activities with a single integrated view to provide control and complete visibility.

    Mitigate Risk with Advance Risk Profiling

    Derive meaningful insights from location analytics to design policies for people living in areas associated with natural disasters, high crime rates, flood risk, etc. Underwriters can assess risk and visualize the impact on their operations.

    Improve Advisor Scheduling with Real-time Visibility

    Simplify field meeting scheduling with customers and advisors. Offer a customer view to your teams to optimize appointments and improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Prioritize scheduling based on location and frequency of visits.

    Sell Intuitively with 'Smart Share'

    Share dynamic scenario-driven content with prospects and policyholders to enhance selling outcomes. Collaborate on the go for an effective prospect engagement.

    Faster Field Underwriting Processing

    Equip underwriters with powerful tools to manage client calls, appointments, and onsite assessments. Give underwriters step-by-step needs assessments and real-time access to your firm’s knowledge base for a better customer experience.

    Seamless Onsite Claims Adjustment

    Manage onsite inspections on a consolidated, mobile-first platform for a faster response time. Reduce manual touchpoints in the claims process to boost efficiency and reduce claims leakage.

    Easy Fraud Detection

    Identify fraudulent claims faster via location data by using geospatial insights. Detect trends and patterns based on location-based behavior. For example, if claims inspectors suspect multiple claims filed from the same area, they can flag the location and mark it as suspicious activity.

    Enable Contextual Recommendations and Alerts

    Build deeper connections with prospects and customers via contextual nudges to drive intuitive selling outcomes. Get predictive alerts and recommendations about nearby new opportunities and potential upselling or cross-selling ones.

    Elevate Bancassurance Operations

    Leverage location data to monitor bank performance and align branch performance by location. Streamline collaborative selling between bank relationship managers and field agents.

    Powerful Reporting & Analytics

    Visualize hyperlocal customer behavior, demand, and competitor intelligence. Map and analyze sales volume and market share with stakeholders and agency partners. Monitor insurance agents’ performance with real-time reporting and customized drill-down dashboards.

    See How Organizations Leverage Dista to Grow

    Dista Orchestrates In-Field Vehicle Claims Operations Management for a Leading InsurTech Organization

    Dista Orchestrates In-Field Vehicle Claims Operations Management for a Leading InsurTech Organization

    Major Insurtech Firm Leverages Dista for Effective Automotive Inspection Process

    Major Insurtech Firm Leverages Dista for Effective Automotive Inspection Process

    5 Ways How Location Intelligence can Transform Insurance Companies

    5 Ways How Location Intelligence can Transform Insurance Companies