Feature Overview: Inventory Management – Dista Service

One of the key features of Dista Service, our robust field service management platform, is inventory management. In field services, tools, equipment, repair parts, and spare parts are spread across multiple warehouse locations, and tracking each item is necessary.

It is also essential for field technicians to have the right tools and equipment to finish their daily assignments. The inventory management feature in Dista Service allows you to map and track inventories for service requests and field technicians.

Inventory management

Dista Service Inventory Management Features

The inventory management feature helps ensure that technicians have exactly what they need before starting each service call, resulting in higher first-time fix rates (FTFR) and more satisfied customers. Let’s take a look at the vital inventory management features.

1) Add Inventory to Field Service Technicians Based on their Skill

Our system enables the pre-configuration of parts for different job types. Supervisors can assign specific inventory to a work order and the field agent based on the requirement and skill set. They can assign jobs based on the item’s availability and skill set.

2) Quick Glance at Inventory Details and Status

A dashboard helps technicians view the location of the warehouse and collect items to complete tasks. They can even view the product and related components of the product installed at the customer location. The system also allows them to view the job and details of the inventory like serial number, component name, installed date, manufacturer, etc. Moreover, supervisors can view bills of material associated with the product installed and its component status. They can check the inventory/items assigned to the field service agents and inventory of the parts required to complete all jobs.

3) Easier Work Order Creation

Work order creation is smooth and hassle-free with Dista Service. While creating a work order, all the product details required for the service request will be automatically filled with customer details. The system pre-populates data based on your selection and/or job type (which is fetched from work order type).

4) Mobile Office for Field Technicians

Our field service management software is a mobile office in the true sense. If a specific part required to complete a job is unavailable to the agents, they can search for its availability in stores right from their dedicated mobile app. Search is facilitated on the map, where they can see multiple stores and select the store to pick up the part.

Dista Service Inventory Management Benefits

  • Improves first-time fix rates (FTFR) by having access to the right inventory

  • Boosts field technician productivity thanks to the dedicated app

  • Accurate inventory tracking and monitoring of tools and parts

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Empower technicians to request and adjust inventory instantly

  • Improve customer satisfaction

With Dista Service, you can easily manage your inventory and ensure that technicians have the right tools before their service call. This results in greater first-call resolution and more satisfied customers. Want to see the Dista Service inventory management feature? Book for a demo and see our software in action!