Feature Overview: Lead Allocation – Dista Sales

What is a Lead?

A lead is a person or a business that shows interest in a product or a service you are selling. In simple terms, it is a potential customer.

What is Lead Allocation?

Lead allocation is the process of assigning and managing leads once they enter the CRM. Dista Sales, our sales productivity platform, allocates leads in two ways – manual and auto. Leads are allocated to individual sales officers by considering several factors like skillset, proximity, availability, priority, etc. that are best suitable for the business. They can be auto- assigned depending on specific business rules.

How does Dista Help With Intelligent Lead Allocation?

Auto Allocation

Our smart system defines a set of rules depending on key parameters like skillset, proximity, availability, and priority. When a new lead is uploaded, the system evaluates it depending on the above parameters and finds a matching sales rep to allocate it. Lead assigning happens in two ways –

  • Round robin – Allocating leads with the round robin method helps keep your team’s workload even by auto-assigning new leads to each user. The allocation is done in a circular queue order as an incoming new lead is assigned to a different user until everyone is assigned the same amount. You can also set up custom fields with round robin lead assignments.

  • Customized allocation – Our system enables sales managers to set up customized rules for a specific business case. Instead of following the standard process of round-robin lead allocation, the system evaluates the possible matches against the given criteria. The system considers all the unallocated leads and available salespeople at the same time to find the right person best placed to own that lead.
How does Dista Help With Intelligent Lead Allocation?

Manual Allocation

In the case of manual allocation, the sales manager reviews incoming leads and assigns them one by one to individual sales officers. Each lead is different and needs to be treated as per the requirement, importance, and goals. Similarly, sales reps have different strengths, abilities, and experiences. Sales managers allocate leads manually to sales officers, depending on the type of lead.

Benefits of Intelligent Lead Allocation

The main aim of intelligent lead allocation is to improve field sales officer productivity and optimize resources. With auto allocation of leads, you can maximize your sales coverage area and boost sales volume. A lead distribution system makes the sales process more efficient and helps sales officers focus on the right leads to improve the response time.

Here are Some of the Key Benefits of Intelligent Lead Assignment

  • Faster lead responses

  • Reduce idle time and improve sales productivity

  • Automated engagement

  • Better utilization of sales efforts and resources

  • Track sales team performance metrics

Final Result

The lead is allocated to the sales officer, following which they get a notification on their dedicated app. They can take multiple actions on the lead directly from the phone, like reschedule it or cancel. Dista Sales improves sales productivity and helps boost the lead conversion rate. Are you looking to boost your sales productivity? Contact us to schedule a demo.