How Dista Sales Empowers Sales Managers

Dista Sales provides a dedicated platform for the sales managers that helps them get better visibility on their teams performance. The dashboard enables them to track sales officers, get real-time lead insights, performance dashboard, and more. Let’s see how sales managers leverage Dista Sales to manage sales officers and strategize on their performance.

How Dista Sales Empowers Sales Managers?

A dedicated web dashboard offers a deeper visibility on sales officers’ performance, assists in lead allocation, and more. Let’s take a look at how Dista Sales helps sales managers.

1) Complete Visibility on Sales Officers

The web dashboard enables sales managers to get a comprehensive view of a team’s performance in the form of a dashboard. They can keep a tab on sales officers’ location with live location and get complete transparency of their daily tasks. Sales managers also get a real-time status of sales officers’ login activity.

2) Provide Timely Guidance

Supervisors or sales managers can provide timely guidance to sales officers and guide them about lead actioning. The dashboard offers them a quick snapshot of the real-time lead status, lead count summary, and more. Getting all the information front and center helps them ensure all leads are attended on time and they can take proactive control.

3) Lead Assignment and Reassignment

Sales managers can easily assign and reassign leads with just a couple of clicks from the dashboard. They can automate the overall lead allocation, prioritization, and escalation to ensure leads are actioned in the most effective manner. It provides live status updates on active leads and a transparent view of the overall lead assignment, status of each lead, and actions performed by officers in the field at their fingertips. Supervisors can manually assign leads to their team members at any time as well.

4) Customizable Reports

Dista Sales offers a range of custom reports that help them make informed business decisions and customer strategies. They can check reports like call logging report, branch to pincode mapping, unassigned lead insights, sales officer attendance report, and more.

5) Audit Trails and Sales Officer’s History

Supervisors can also keep a tab on their sales officers’ travel history and verify their daily productivity. This helps them ensure if the planned visits and assigned tasks are completed successfully.

6) Seamless Communication

It facilitates seamless communication between sales managers and officers thanks to the click to call button on the app. Supervisors can call sales officers instantaneously and guide or explain if they need assistance in completing specific tasks.

Benefits of Dista Sales for Managers

  • Take quick action on leads

  • Monitor and analyze individual and team performances

  • Manage resources effectively

  • Leverage reports to strategize

If you are looking for a robust sales productivity platform, check out Dista Sales. Contact us to see it in action.