Dista 2021 Year-in-Review

2021 has been an exciting year for Dista for several reasons. We had quite a fulfilling year, from working in our new office space to venturing into new partnerships. Let’s take a quick look at all the key events and achievements we witnessed in 2021.

Seed Funding

Dista raised a funding of $1.2 million from Pentathlon Ventures. We plan to use the investment to scale our presence in international markets, strengthen workforce, focus on R&D, and elevate the user experience. Read more about the funding here.

Dista Management Team

Vaccination Drive

We played a key role in organizing a COVID-19 vaccination drive in our Pune office for our employees, their family members, domestic help, and support staff. Over 200 people benefited from the initiative and got vaccinated. Read along to know more about our first CSR activity.

Maplink Partnership

Dista announced Maplink as our official channel partner for Brazil and Latin America. We are expanding to newer markets and aim to roll out new products. Read along to know more about Maplink and how they will leverage this partnership.

Dista Maplink partnership

Unilever Recognizes Dista

Dista was recognized by Unilever for its consolidated live marine dashboard. The consumer goods giant leveraged our tool to improve the real-time supply chain visibility of its worldwide shipments. Read to know how Dista helped the organization make informed decisions by leveraging significant data from ports and ocean carriers.

Unilever Leverages Dista for a Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

New Client - FTV

Dista helped Foodtech Venture, a mobile kitchen, deliver piping hot pizzas fresh from the oven. We track their mobile kitchens on the road and streamline the entire delivery process. Read along to learn how our robust food delivery management system ensures timely pizza delivery.

New Social Media Channels

Dista went live on Instagram and YouTube in 2021. Our Instagram account highlights culture and focuses on our employees. We are already present on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Please follow all our social media channels to learn more about our products and people.

New Office Space

This year, we got a new office space, and the founders put their heart into decorating it. The vibrant office decor perfectly reflects our dynamic team and friendly work culture. The lounge area with different seating corners is an instant favorite among DISTANs as it offers a beautiful city view. Dista’s team members enjoy working from the office after working from home for over a year.

Dista new office space

Celebrations and Events

Culture is at the heart of Dista’s core values. Since the reopening of the office, we have celebrated several festivals, birthdays, and important events at Dista. From celebrating International Yoga Day to playing football once a week, DISTANs are definitely a bunch of enthusiasts. Here’s a glimpse of all our significant celebrations and events of 2021.

Freshers Drive

Dista multiplied its team strength in 2021 with a mix of freshers and laterals. We conducted a couple of fresher drives in our office and welcomed new talent to be a part of our Dista squad.

We have also added new features to our product suite. Schedule a demo to see our products in action.