Dista Organizes Covid-19 Vaccination Drive For Employees, Their Families, Domestic Help, Support Staff, And Others

Dista completed its first corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity by helping Global Port and Jehangir Hospital conduct a COVID-19 vaccination drive at its Pune office. The drive was aimed at vaccinating the domestic help and support staff. More than 200 people benefited from the initiative and got their jab of Covishield vaccine. The company had also planned the vaccination drive for its employees and family members earlier this week.

The government has vaccinated the frontline workers and hospital staff; however, several house help and domestic staff cannot book appointment slots as they don’t have the suitable means, tools, and knowledge to register themselves for vaccination.

The digital divide has led to panic and insecurity amongst communities, and their employers must come forward and take measures for their safety. Several gated communities don’t allow domestic staff to work unless they are vaccinated. This puts huge pressure on these communities as they are the primary or sole breadwinners for their families.

“The main aim of the drive was to safeguard the wellbeing of domestic workers and support staff. Most of them are clueless about the registration process and don’t know how to avail vaccinations. I want to thank Kapil Pashankar, Jehangir Hospital, and Dista’s employees, who volunteered to conduct a successful drive. Let’s get vaccinated and break the chain against the virus,” said Shishir Gokhale, CEO, and co-founder, Dista.

We plan to undertake more such activities in the future and support communities and causes that need more support. Dista urges citizens to help their cooks, maids, and other domestic staff to register for the vaccination and protect them against the virus.