Insight Partners Recognizes Dista As A Key Food Delivery Management Player

Dista, an AI-enabled location intelligence platform, has been recognized as a key player offering food delivery management solutions in the latest Insight Partners 2020 report. The market research company’s report analyzes the food delivery management software market globally and at a regional level to provide a comprehensive value market analysis.

“We are happy to see that Dista has been recognized in The Insight Partners Food Delivery Management Software Market Research Report. We help several renowned quick service restaurants (QSRs) with the orchestration of orders with their own and third-party delivery agents. Dista’s food delivery software has helped our clients in key areas like scheduling, job allocation, route optimization, and delivery metrics, among others,” said Shishir Gokhale, CEO, Dista.

The Insights Partners report took several vital factors into account while highlighting Dista as a crucial player in the report. Some of the critical touchpoints include products and services, financial overview, SWOT analysis, and key developments. The latest report from the market research firm offers important trends and outlook on the food delivery management software market by product, service, and geography.

Dista’s food delivery management solution helps more than 50 QSRs and cloud kitchens to schedule and deliver over three lakh orders per month. Our tool offers a range of services like auto-order allocation for faster deliveries, serviceable area management, real-time alerts for restaurant managers and customers about their delivery orders, key customer insights for better service, and a bird’s eye view on delivery agents on the field.