Dista’s All-women Team Leads An Exciting Project

Dista is an AI-enabled location intelligence platform that optimizes field operations from various industries like retail, pharma, quick service restaurants (QSR), BFSI, and healthcare, among others. We started our journey about three years ago and have quickly snowballed into a prominent player in the location intelligence market thanks to our talented workforce. Besides being domain experts, our team members also focus on understanding our customers’ business.

We have a set of core values that drives us forward. Dista is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Women in our organization represent diverse roles and responsibilities at various levels as gender diversity and equality are our core beliefs.

A recent feather in our cap in this direction is a first Dista all-women team that will help a popular commercial gas distributor in southern India with their end-to-end solutions and workflow management with our proprietary software. The team will focus on managing the gas distributor’s delivery orchestration with key location data sets.

“We are a closely-knit team, and inclusivity has been an integral part of Dista from the beginning. I am excited about the current project and looking forward to more of them,” says Usha Thapa, Project Manager, Dista.

Our all-women team comprises talented developers and test engineers – Aieshwarya Raskar, Mrinmayi Matekar, Ashwini Borude, Komal Dhadge, and Pritam Shitole. We at Dista are sure our all-women tech team will successfully lead and deliver this project and several others in the future.

“I am glad to be a part of this exciting project and work with the team. It gives me a great platform to learn and hone my skills further”, says Mrinmayi Matekar, Technical Lead, Dista.

Dista delivers fair opportunities to employees and encourages them to learn and develop new skills. Our culture fosters an environment that rewards employees based on merit and performance. We are looking for professionals who will add to our incredible culture. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for upcoming job opportunities.