Unilever Recognizes Dista For Its Live Interactive Marine Dashboard That Improves Real-time Supply Chain Visibility

Unilever, the leading consumer goods company, has recognized Dista for its consolidated live marine dashboard. By leveraging our tool, the company is able to improve the real-time supply chain visibility of its worldwide shipments. The company deals with around 12,000 containers on 1,500 ships to deliver their products to their beloved global customers. It is crucial to have a bird’s eye view over such an extensive supply chain that comprises several players.

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Our consolidated intuitive marine dashboard sends a wide range of accurate and real-time alerts related to containers in transit. The live dashboard refreshes automatically every 30 minutes with the latest update on shipments and offers additional information like historic vessel routes, containers on vessels, and more. 

Dista’s real-time marine dashboard allows the consumer goods giant to make more informed decisions by leveraging significant data from ports and ocean carriers. It helps in predicting port congestions or delays and enables seamless vessel tracking. We look forward to assisting Unilever to enhance the sustainability of its operations further.