Dista Sales: Mobile Office for Field Sales Rep

A typical day of sales representatives consists of a long to-do list. From collecting potential customer details to meeting them on time, they have a range of tasks they need to complete in a day. If all the details are not available to them quickly, they spend a lot of time searching and organizing things. This results in less time spent on strategizing and selling.

Challenges of a Sales Officer

Let’s take a look at some of the key challenges sales officers face while performing their daily tasks.

  • Attending large volumes of emails and notifications
  • Ineffective ways to track lead status
  • Lack of a system to track targets and incentives
  • Beat the competition to reach the customer first
  • Reach the correct customer location on time
  • Document handling, proof of visits, reschedule, and follow-ups
  • Tracking attendance and expenses
  • Capture Lead visit outcome while in the field
  • No easy way to quickly access relevant lead details
  • Ineffective ways to communicate with customers and managers

How Dista Sales Empowers Sales Officers?

Dista Sales, our robust sales productivity platform, provides a dedicated app for sales representatives which streamlines their work and enables them to meet their daily targets. Let’s see how the app helps sales reps plan their day and complete their tasks efficiently.

Lead Assignment

1) Glance at Daily Appointments

Sales reps can start their day by checking in the app and viewing their tasks scheduled for the day. This gives them a better idea of their tasks and helps them plan their day more efficiently. A quick view dashboard showcases leads that are actioned, unactioned, or if a follow-up is pending.

2) Quick Action on Leads

A quick view dashboard gives an overview of the status of the leads. Once a lead is allocated to the sales rep, they can quickly act, as all the crucial information is available front and center.

3) Get Important Notifications

Our smart AI and ML engines send contextual notifications to the sales officers’ mobile app that remind and alert them about their day’s tasks. This helps them manage their day and complete tasks more effectively and efficiently.

4) Book and Reschedule Appointments

Sales reps can directly book and reschedule appointments with prospective leads from the app. In case of unavailability of the lead, sales officers can cancel and fix an appointment with them with just a few clicks.

5) One-tap-calling

A click-to-call button on the app allows sales reps to communicate with the customers and sales managers instantaneously.

6) Track Targets and Incentive

With a glance at the lead dashboard, sales reps can easily see their current achieved targets and how many more they need to complete to get an incentive or a reward. This helps motivate sales officers to attain their targets and work harder for rewards.

7) Manage Attendance and Expenses

The app enables sales officers to record expenses and manage attendance. Checking their leave balance and recording other field expenses is simple with the app.

Check our Dista Sales to improve your sales officer productivity and enhance lead conversion rate.