Leading Microfinance Firm Gets Deeper Visibility Into Field Agents With Dista

Value Delivered

field agents managed
tracking and visibility on field agents
Faster disbursals
owing to timely collections


The microfinance organization wanted to increase business penetration in rural areas and get complete visibility into its field force operations. The company leveraged Dista’s platform for automated scheduling and faster loan disbursal.


The organization was looking for a way to manage and track field agents who disburse loans and follow a weekly collection cycle. Lack of a system to streamline and monitor their work resulted in smaller reporting spans. The main challenge was to automate their daily workflow and improve productivity.


  • Real-time location tracking of field agents offered deeper visibility into their daily tasks

  • Automated beat planning and scheduling helped improve the number of daily visits

  • Digitized the document collection process to reduce paperwork and speed up loan disbursal

  • Improved daily reporting


  • Real-time visibility of the field agents

  • Improved productivity and performance

  • Provided geofencing alerts to supervisors

  • Helped to identify deviations in route

  • Accuracy in recording the daily distance traveled
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ICICI Home Finance

“Dista Service helped us with field investigation of our prospects as well as loan servicing for customers. Over 10K users are using the app to get real-time updates on their loan status, raise queries, respond to queries and more.”

Sandeep Gambhir

Sandeep Gambhir

Head - Digitalisation & Marketing, ICICI Home Finance


“With Dista’s AI-enabled location intelligence platform, CMS provided seamless, faster, safer, and hassle-free doorstep cash transportation service. There was an increase in agent productivity while a reduction in cash movement overheads with the right-sizing of custodians and vans.”

Rohit Kilam

Rohit Kilam

CTO, CMS Info Systems