Leader of Online Used-Cars Retailer Improves Dealer Relationship Planning with Dista Sales

Value Delivered

visibility into daily operations
daily visits by Relationship Associates
performance management


A leader of a pre-owned vehicle was looking for a way to help relationship associates plan their monthly visits to car dealers. Each member has dealers assigned to them, which they must visit multiple times a month. The company manually planned the dealer visits at the beginning of the month. 


Managers needed a system to track and verify whether relationship associates were actually visiting the dealers to build rapport. The organization also relied heavily on manual processes for planning monthly dealership visits. 


Let’s learn how Dista Sales helped the organization with lead management and relationship associate tracking.

Relationship Associate

  • A dedicated app that works as a mobile office helps relationship associates view their monthly visits to the dealers and plan their day.

  • They can fill out dispositions and take notes after each meeting for hassle-free record keeping.

Relationship Manager

  • Managers can track individual relationship associates and monitor their visits and team performances.

  • The Dista system offers multiple key reports like attendance, visits status, total visits, conveyance, and more.

  • Our platform also offers audit trails of relationship associates and generates a deviation report focusing on actual vs. planned travel. 


  • Improved monitoring and verification of daily visits

  • Reached more vendors in a day

  • Enhanced relations with car dealers

  • Better tracking and profiling of customers