Diwali 2022 – DISTANs Celebrate Diwali With Zest and Zeal

We had a fantastic Diwali celebration in our Dista office. DISTANs joined in the festivities by adorning ethnic attire and participated in the festivity with zest. Some of the DISTANs – Ashwed Jiragi, Pratiksha Gangawane, and Shivnanda Telange created beautiful rangolis in the office, while others decorated the office with diyas and lanterns.

We conducted a desk decoration contest where DISTANs decked up their workspaces with diyas and other decorative items. Hrishikesh Patil won the award for Best Desk Designer as he decorated his desk on the theme of Laxmi Puja. Arun Shinde and Akshada Shine won the award for Best Dressed Couple. Meanwhile, Taheniyat Patel and Syed Ali bagged the Best Dressed Female and Male awards, respectively. Mrinmayee Matekar, one of the Tech Leads, conducted the popular game, Taboo, based on the Diwali theme. After a couple of fun games and activities, we enjoyed delicious snacks and sweets.

Every year Dista aims to associate with organizations that are involved with a good cause. This year, we have teamed up with Des Rangeela, which attempts to reconnect local artisans and customers. The platform focuses on establishing direct sales in the market, making handmade and handicraft products locally available with fair pricing.

Dista’s Diwali hamper consists of eco-friendly swadeshi products, including decorative clay lamps, trays, coasters made of recycled materials, sweets, chocolates, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of Diwali celebrations at Dista!