How Gamification Can Improve Sales Executive Performance

The gamification experience is not limited to video games, fitness, apps, and social media. It is now a crucial part of large and small organizations as well. The sales environment is quite competitive, and enterprises constantly look for ways to keep the sales team motivated and inspired. Gamification is a popular way that has proved to be successful in keeping sales officers engaged. In fact, as per a study from Gartner, organizations leveraging gamification have reported 250 percent growth compared to their peers. Integrating a game-like experience into daily tasks and targets helps businesses boost field sales performance and results across all their teams.

Gamification can motivate your sales team as it adds an element of competition for the sales KPIs. Let’s learn more about gamification and how it can help your sales force.

What is Sales Gamification?

Sales gamification, as the name suggests, applies game design elements and principles of game playing like competition, leaderboards, points scoring, and rules to encourage sales force productivity. The main aim is to drive higher engagement levels for sales executives and boost them to achieve their targets.

Sales gamification encompasses three main elements:

1) Accomplishment

Similar to a gaming environment, the player or the sales executive, in this case, is excited to focus on personal accomplishments as it is the primary source of inspiration for them. Accomplishments can be in the form of badges, rewards, ranking, and more.

2) Competition

Peers try to give their best in a competition, which results in objective progress. Healthy competition with peers motivates them to improve their performance and become a winner.

3) Fun

The fun element in sales gamification also ignites employees  to take up challenges and excel at them. It allows them to socialize, collaborate with peers, and discover new abilities and techniques.

Benefits of Sales Gamification

Let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of sales gamification.

1) Boost Competition

A contest ignites a friendly sense of competition amongst sales representatives and improves competition with their peers. Gamification also creates a new way to inspire the sales team and drive their ambitions. In some cases, they are fueled by the competition more than the awards, as it is an opportunity to compete with their teammates objectively.

2) Improve Focus on KPIs

Sales gamification will motivate sales force agents with a leaderboard and scorecard and help increase sales numbers. With occasional rewards and incentives, organizations can urge teams to focus on their individual KPIs and team priorities, increasing overall sales numbers.

3) Enhance Motivation and Collaboration

Enterprises leverage gamification to inspire sales teams as it taps into common human instincts like status, rewards, recognition, and more. It allows them to keep sales officers engaged and pushes them to achieve more. By rewarding strengths and providing feedback in areas of weakness, sales gamification can help reps reach their full potential.

How Gamification in Dista Sales Helps Improve Field Sales Executive Performance

Dista Sales is a comprehensive sales productivity platform that helps organizations boost productivity and lead engagement. The Sales Rep app is a mobile office that helps them plan their day and track leads effectively. It has a dashboard that offers an overview of the real-time status of their leads assigned, proposals, lost, and more. A leaderboard shows the ranking of top sales performers and allows them to track how their peers are performing. This motivates the team to give their best and collectively increase the team’s performance.

Final Thoughts

Organizations can have successful sales gamification with proper execution and application towards their sales teams. If you want to know more about gamification and increase your top line, try Dista Sales! Get in touch with us for a quick demo.