Visualize. Strategize. Operationalize
All your geodata with Dista’s AI-powered Location Intelligence platform for field operations


    Collect, ingest and visualize your geospatial data


    ML powered trends, patterns and algorithmic analysis


    Put your geospatial strategy into action for optimized field ops
    How does our Location Intelligence platform work?

    Dista is an AI-enabled location intelligence platform for large enterprises globally. With over 35 large enterprise customers across Financial Services, Supply Chain & Logistics, Retail & FMCGs.

    Dista Sales

    Dista Service

    Dista Dispatch

    Dista Insight

    Our suite of custom SaaS products are built on Dista’s own patent-pending low code/ no code platform. Our unique 80-20 productized model enables us to take you to market rapidly. Solving 80% of your business priority with a SaaS model and customizing for another 20%; taking you to a cent percent location intelligent business.

    Maximize field sales and service revenues/coverage

    Geospatial analytics and visualization for advanced insights

    Increase revenue & operational efficiency of field resources

    Simplify end customer interactions with your agents​

    Why Dista?
    Businesses are unique and no one size fits all when it comes to your operating models, business processes and offerings. So, why settle for a product that has limited functionalities and offers no customization tailored for your business. Rather than modifying your business to suit a product, it’s time to move to a platform that can be aligned to your business…
    At the core, Dista is a platform, not a product! With an intuitive user interface and flexible architecture, Dista drives application adoption, productivity, and agility through your organization empowering everyone to build white-labeled custom apps quickly with minimal coding using the Dista platform.
    At the heart of our Dista platform is its core framework that allows high degree configurability yet a great user experience to facilitate location intelligence across industry verticals.

    Low code/no code

    Easily customizable for your custom enterprise needs

    API friendly

    Integrates easily with your current infrastructure and systems

    Custom visual reporting

    Custom visual reports and intuitive dashboards for leaders and managers

    Highly configurable

    Rapid deployment through easily configurable interface

    Features of Location Intelligence Platform ​
    At the heart of our Dista platform is its core framework that allows a high degree of configurability yet a great user experience to facilitate location intelligence across industry verticals and business functions.

    Rapid Implementation​

    Go live in weeks not months with 3-6 week deployment cycles and immediate end user impact.

    Custom Configuration

    Open modular platform can be customized to flexible configurations and quick adoption.

    Seamless Integration

    Interface with leading ERP, CRM, eCommerce, procurement, and other third part or legacy applications.

    Go-to Field App

    Intuitive AI-enabled mobile office for field force seamlessly connected to back office supervisors. iOS and Android app designed to increase field productivity.

    Powered by Cloud, Data & AI

    Enterprise-grade AI-ready architecture to reliably handle huge amounts of data and derive visual insights on the go.

    Offline Mode

    App works in the absence of connectivity. Dista intelligently syncs the data stored locally in the app once connectivity is restored.

    Patent Pending

    Employ Dista’s many patent-pending components and technology to make your business location intelligent.

    Multi-tenant Architecture

    Dista's multi-tenant architecture serves multiple customers with a single software instance. It offers customizable business rules for individual tenant needs and maintains data integrity.

    Protect and Secure Business

    Ensure security with identity and access management, single sign-on, role-based access, and more. We offer hybrid encryption for REST Based API integration, support for JWE encryption, and handle PII data - BYOK/CMEK.

    Core Components of Dista’s Location Intelligence Platform
    Dista, powered by Google Maps and Google Cloud, leverages a series of core components such as – locators, grid definition & management, cockpit & dashboards, scheduling algorithms, route optimizer, asset tracking, and others to boost operational efficiency of businesses.
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    Convert the vaguest of addresses into precise geographical coordinates with Dista’s proprietary geocoding engine, leaving no room for error, thus avoiding delays due to misroutes.

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    Insights and visualization for your execs to bring location intelligence to the core of strategy and decision making.
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    Plan schedules, assign tasks to specific field assets based on number of parameters configured through custom business rules.
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    Help your users find the best way to get from source to destination with comprehensive data and real-time traffic conditions.
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    Group a set of locations based data points like stores, customers, branches, users etc by various parameters such as distance, volumes, orders etc.
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    Locate agents, vehicles and assets in real time, visualizing travel history, and create efficient routes.

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    Know where your field assets are and visualize your entire field operations in real-time on your maps based dashboard.
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    Get instant alerts in case of any route deviation, traffic jams, delays, new work assignment, cancellations, adhoc tasks and meeting reminders.