Streamline Logistics Operations and Drive Cost-Efficient Shipping

Improve SLA adherence and orchestrate the entire delivery process with Dista’s AI-powered platform. Meet your ETAs with automated scheduling, routing, and get end-to-end order visibility to improve customer experience.

    Challenges in Logistics and Shipping
    Last-mile delivery costs account for 53% of the total shipping costs. 3PLs and couriers face a number of challenges including high fuel and labor costs. Here are some of the key challenges in the logistics and shipping industry.
    Delays in SLA Adherence of Deliveries
    Lack of Efficient Route Planning
    High Last Mile Delivery Costs
    Poor Fleet Utilization
    Lack of Effective Order Planning
    Limited Visibility on Delivery Lifecycle
    Supercharge Your First, Mid and Last Mile Shipping & Delivery With Dista

    Strengthen Network Design

    Improve supply chain network design with insights like territory-wise demands to boost coverage and delivery volume. This helps reduce logistics and order fulfillment costs.
    Boost in Lead Conversion
    Boost in Lead Conversion

    Intelligent Beat Plan

    Leverage our AI-powered scheduling algorithm to optimize beat plans for daily deliveries. Improve delivery efficiency with reduced trips and manual and auto order allocation to the right delivery executive.

    Real-time Transportation Visibility

    Monitor deliveries in real-time and get status updates for orders, trips, and delivery insights via a single central dashboard. Get live tracking and ETA notifications for movement of your shipments and manage delivery KPIs.
    Boost in Lead Conversion
    Boost in Lead Conversion

    Reports and Analytics

    Track the performance of your fleet in terms of successful fulfillment, on-time deliveries, etc. Monitor the gaps in your logistics performance in real-time – order management, vehicle and driver tracking, pick-ups, and last-mile deliveries.

    Sustainable Deliveries

    Facilitate seamless order cancellation, rescheduling, and asset utilization with Dista’s AI-intelligent platform. Maximize cost efficiency, enhance sustainability, and reduce inventory costs by streamlining reverse logistics.
    Boost in Lead Conversion
    Boost in Lead Conversion

    Higher Delivery Efficiency

    Reduce turnaround times by intelligently clubbing orders based on preferred delivery time slots, priority orders, location preference, and order specifications (weight, size, content, etc.) Deliver more and get the maximum of your fleet capacity
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