Emergency Medical Service Provider Significantly Reduces Fleet Repair Costs With Dista’s Fleet Management Software

Value Delivered

fleet managed
reduction in fleet repair costs
fleet supervision and maintenance


The customer is an emergency medical service provider leader with over 15 years of experience. They manage over 3000 ambulances, medical helplines, and mobile medical units.


The company was looking for a dedicated system to track fleet expenses. They were spending high on fleet repair and maintenance costs due to inefficient record keeping. Moreover, the company needed a way to track the distance traveled by the fleet before and after the repair, change of tires, and battery.


Fleet Management

  • By leveraging Dista’s fleet management solution, the company tracked vehicle repair requests related to maintenance, batteries, and tires.

  • Fleet managers raised repair requests for the ambulances via the system for easier record keeping. This offered better transparency on the repair expenses.

  • Hierarchy-based workflows enabled managers to check fleet repair requests and approve them directly from the web dashboard.

  • Digitizing record keeping offered deeper visibility into individual vehicle health and gave a quick overview of their repairs, tire, and battery usage.

  • Vehicle requests that weren’t time sensitive were deprioritized, thereby improving TAT to address priority requests like tire and battery change for ambulances.


  • Monitored fleet repair costs via service requests and approval workflows to identify irregularities.

  • Minimized repair and maintenance costs owing to detailed expense records.

  • Reduced manual dependency on recording repair and maintenance records.

  • Dista offered multiple comprehensive monthly reports for tire and battery requests that helped with invoice management.

  • The company improved vigilance around controlling repair expenses without increasing the workforce.