Dista Improves Debt Collections and Recovery for a Leading NBFC-MFI

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The customer is one of the leading NBFC-MFIs in the country. They offer micro-loans and other financial inclusion-related products to customers with limited or no financial services access.


The customer relied on multiple platforms to track recovery executives and manage debt collection. They wanted to use a single platform to address both aspects. Managers needed better visibility on the daily activities of the collection officers and were looking for a system to manage and track collection cases.


1. Empower Collections Officers

Dista’s debt collection management software mapped recovery executives to different branches, improving their serviceability in a particular area. Our system offered a dedicated app for collection officers to reach the customer’s location via optimized routes. It also helped them record collection status like “will pay later,” “not available,” P2P (promise to pay) with details, and more. The Dista system notified collections officers about their daily P2P meetings via the app.

2. Address Geocoding

Dista cleaned and verified addresses for over five lakh cases, which helped improve collection officers’ productivity and reduced travel time by reaching the right customer location.

3. Knowledge Base

Collection officers accessed training videos, documents, and step-by-step guides via their dedicated app, helping them seamlessly facilitate collections.

4. Real-time Visibility

Managers viewed the real-time location of collection officers and got an audit trail of their daily activities. This helped them verify their visits and measure their productivity.

5. Reports

We offered a range of detailed reports like daily distance traveled by collections officers, the performance of individual officers, branch reports, collection status reports, route deviation reports, collection officer check-in/check-out reports, and more.


  • Multiple reports gave decision-makers an overview of the branch and collection officer performance and an overall view of the operations.

  • Consolidated debt collections and recovery on a single platform.

  • Reduced paperwork and discrepancies owing to seamless record-keeping via the app.
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ICICI Home Finance

“Dista Service helped us with field investigation of our prospects as well as loan servicing for customers. Over 10K users are using the app to get real-time updates on their loan status, raise queries, respond to queries and more.”

Sandeep Gambhir

Sandeep Gambhir

Head - Digitalisation & Marketing, ICICI Home Finance


“With Dista’s AI-enabled location intelligence platform, CMS provided seamless, faster, safer, and hassle-free doorstep cash transportation service. There was an increase in agent productivity while a reduction in cash movement overheads with the right-sizing of custodians and vans.”

Rohit Kilam

Rohit Kilam

CTO, CMS Info Systems