A leading pharmaceutical company had a large team of medical representatives (MR) on the field. The MRs conducts daily visits to distributors and retailers to collect surveys on how distributors are performing. 


The company needed a database of dealers, retailers, and distributors and a better way to visualize to improve their dealers’ network. It also wanted to know what pincodes are not performing well based on the ratings given by the retailers like chemist shops and pharmacies.


  • Dista’s micro market mapping system on Dista Sales offered a map-based view of distributors, pharmacies, and retailers in specific cities.


  • Our system created smart beat plans for MRs to improve sales coverage and facilitate maximum daily surveys.


  • Dista’s sales productivity platform offers managers and back office reps real-time visibility on MRs via a central dashboard.


  • We also analyzed over-served/ under-served areas and potential opportunities by mapping dealers and pharmacy outlets with cities and pincodes. 


  • Enhanced market coverage with map-based visualization

  • Intelligent beat planning streamlined MRs productivity

  • Identify underserved areas and improve dealer onboarding

  • Comprehensive area coverage resulting in better serviceability

Value Delivered

  • Manage and monitor about 300 MRs on the field

  • Empower MRs with a dedicated app to perform surveys

  • Automated beat planning and scheduling 

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