Dista Streamlines Employee Transportation Service for a Leading Manufacturing Firm

Value Delivered

savings on vendor payments
ride times owing to verified addresses access
pick-ups and drops per vehicle


A leading manufacturing firm wanted to automate and streamline its employee transportation service. They wanted to ensure a safer commute for their employees and offer a smoother mobility experience.


The company needed a system to track the actual distance traveled by the driver to curb fraud and excess payments. There was no way for employees to provide an accurate address for seamless pick-up and drop-off. Also, the lack of tracking of the driver’s location resulted in employee anxiety.


  • Provided a central system to record all approved travel records from employees

  • Dedicated app for employees to manage and live-track rides

  • Optimized route planning reduced unwanted distance traveled

  • Complete visibility on pick-up, drop-off, and intermediate stops to transport admin


  • Transparent numbers on distance traveled

  • Reduced employee ambiguity about the daily commute and exact location

  • Reports and dashboard facilitated real-time monitoring and usage tracking

  • Automated data management, seat, and fleet optimization
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“With Dista’s AI-enabled location intelligence platform, CMS provided seamless, faster, safer, and hassle-free doorstep cash transportation service. There was an increase in agent productivity while a reduction in cash movement overheads with the right-sizing of custodians and vans.”

Rohit Kilam

Sandeep Gambhir

CTO, CMS Info Systems


“Dista’s employee transportation management software streamlined ride booking for our employees and optimized their pick-up and drop-offs. It offered complete transparency on distance traveled, thereby resulting in effective management and significant savings.”

Nilesh Nerlekar

Nilesh Nerlekar

HR Manager, Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation