PustakWale Increases Market Coverage Using Dista’s Smart Scheduling And Beat Planning

Value Delivered

residential complexes covered
books sold
housing complexes covered monthly


PustakWale is a mobile bookstore that brings handpicked curated books to residential complexes aiming to indulge booklovers. They bring books of choice right to the readers’ doorstep.


The bookstore on wheels was looking to expand their inter-day coverage. They aimed to cover maximum residential complexes in an area within a day. Their pop-up stores were set up in limited areas within a day because of manual planning and scheduling. PustakWale needed a product to select multiple societies in a particular area to visit in a day.


PustakWale leveraged Dista’s automated scheduling product to improve their beat planning of the book trucks. Dista helped them increase their sales coverage area by providing insightful location intelligence required to prioritize their market visits.


  • Clubbed residential complexes within a 3km radius

  • Helped them visit around five residential complexes daily

  • Prioritized pop-up store sites based on multiple parameters