Dista Orchestrates In-Field Vehicle Claims Operations Management for a Leading InsurTech Organization


A leading InsurTech firm was relying heavily on manual processes to orchestrate pick-up and drop of vehicles for insurance claims. It had to deal with multiple stakeholders and was looking for a system to streamline communication and get visibility between them. 

In field vehicle claims for an Insurtech


The organization’s management for vehicle insurance was functioning in a decentralized manner with heavy reliance on manual systems. Supervisors had no visibility on field executives (FE) and needed a way to streamline the claims operation management process. By leveraging Dista Claims, our field claims inspection management system, the InsurTech firm aimed to boost operational agility and efficiency. 


Dista Claims, our field claims inspection management software helped the insurance organization improve its business operations. 

  • The scheduling algorithm auto-allocates cases to the suitable FE depending on multiple business rules. It also lets managers manually allocate cases for ad-hoc requests.

  • The system fetches nearby garages based on pincodes/zones and plots them on the map via geotagging.

  • FE picks up the vehicle from the customer’s location and drops it at the garage. The Dista app allows the FE to reach both locations on time via route optimization.

  • Uploading media (photos, videos, and documents) directly via the field executive mobile app reduced the reliance on heavy paperwork.

  • Seamless communication with supervisors and the back office with one-tap calling ability helps to finish the job more efficiently.

  • Customers get a real-time notification on WhatsApp with a tracking link and relevant media files of the vehicle related to the pickup or drop-off. 

Value Delivered

  • Serving 200 pin codes across four major cities

  • Real-time visibility on FEs

  • Quick TAT and auto case allocation

  • WhatsApp integration to enhance customer experience


  • Dedicated dashboard for First Notice of Loss (FNOL) team

  • Seamless integration with CRM

  • Simplified vehicle pick-up and drop

  • Ensure effective claims handling and workload management

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