Dista Streamlines Sample Pick up Collection for a B2B Diagnostics Chain


The B2B diagnostics chain wanted a centralized system to allocate and track sample collection requests. Dista helped the company orchestrate a large number of phlebotomists and streamline biosample pick up and drop.

Sample collection


The diagnostic chain found it challenging to get visibility on phlebotomists and auto allocate the sample collection requests. They needed a central system to manage requests and get a real-time analytics view of their status. The company which works with multiple partners on the demand and supply side wanted to create partner-specific dashboards.


  • Facilitated sample pick up and auto allocated phlebotomists

  • Provided route optimization to phlebotomists

  • Offered analytics view that shows real-time job status (assigned, unassigned, accepted, canceled, etc.)

  • Dashboards for different partners by defining hierarchy and offering role-based access

Value delivered

  • More than 150 phlebotomists managed

  • Over one thousand orders fulfilled daily

  • Improved pick-up and drop service


  • Metrics about no. of samples collected within 30 min-1 hour

  • SLA fulfillment percentage

  • City-wise and partner-wise collection report

  • Customer access to phlebotomists’ live ETA

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