Major Insurtech Firm Leverages Dista for Effective Automotive Inspection Process


A leading digital insurance company which deals in innovative insurance products wanted a system to streamline and automate the vehicle pre- inspection process, fraud detection, workforce management, and more.


The company wanted to shorten their inspection cycle, reduce paperwork, improve visibility on the workforce, and manage third-party inspectors.


  • Dista provided a fully automated inspection process that enabled capturing multiple photos and videos with interactive wizard-based forms via the mobile app

  • Geo-coding and time-stamping of images rule out the chances of fraudulent claims by rejecting older photos or pre-existing damages

  • Our system offers capacity planning by auto assigning jobs to the right agent based on proximity, skillset, and zone

  • Hassle-free end to end management of all partners, contractors, and field agents

  • More transparency into field operations with personnel accountability


  • Comprehensive workflows with real-time data capture and agent tracking

  • Fraud detection by geo-mapping and time stamping all artifacts

  • Intelligent capacity management

  • Deep analytics for end-to-end visibility of claim process, history, and status

  • Hybrid workforce management for own, contract, and third-party agents

Value Delivered

  • Minimize fraudulent claims based on real-time geocoded data

  • Faster processing due to reduced handshakes and manual paperwork

  • Higher settlement ratios backed by digitally-driven process