Dista Helped a Leading Cash Management Firm Pioneer Seamless Doorstep Cash Transportation Service

Value Delivered

field executive productivity
cash logistics workflow
safety in the cash movement


The customer is a major cash management organization with an extensive network of ATMs and business points. They offered doorstep cash collection and deposit service for customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Transporting cash is a technology-intensive affair with people monitoring multiple GPS-powered armored vans from a central control room. The vans are geo-fenced, and any route deviations or long halts trigger calls to the vehicle driver to check status. Add to that the complexity of multiple pickups, cancellations, emergencies, reschedules, and ad-hoc tasks.

  • High number of expensive personnel with low utilization

  • Guesswork based job allocation and inefficient capacity management

  • Missed opportunities due to inability to handle ad hoc tasks

  • Poor visibility of cash operations with higher security concerns

  • Multiple back and forth communication due to manual appointments


The cash and ATM management firm needed a mobile workforce management solution allowing them real time visibility of field operations. Dista developed a field mobility solution for cash-in-transit operations and provided an intelligent integrated solution for the company’s custodians, administrators, and customers (banks).

1. Service Planning

  • Help to choose which cluster of pin codes to serve and how many custodians to add to each cluster.

  • Field operations set up via optimized clusters of pin codes and the required number of field custodians.

2. Control Center Console

  • End to end job management with creation, assignment, cancellation, rescheduling with live job status, and monitoring.

  • Automated job allocation to custodians based on pin code clusters, availability, capacity, live position, SLAs, etc. with intelligent rescheduling for incomplete jobs.

3. Field Custodian Enablement

  • Field custodian app for daily schedule, upcoming jobs, rescheduling completion, nearby deposit points, photo capture, etc.

  • Field custodian attendance management with app based geo-coded and time stamped check-in and out.

4. Customer App

  • Instant notifications to the customer confirming pickup schedule, delivery, live tracking, etc. with OTP based handovers.

  • Cash pickup appointment booking as per predetermined periods enabling equitable load distribution.


The company pioneered an initiative to provide free doorstep cash for senior and differently-abled citizens through banks in 2020 during the COVID-19 outbreak. Dista’s platform was used to orchestrate this natural extension of cash delivery services.