Field Staff Tracking Software

Get Visibility on Your Field Staff and Activities

A one-stop solution for all your tracking needs.

360-degree Visibility on Ground Ops

Track field personnel to monitor their activities, performance, and do an equitable distribution of workload among team members. Get clarity on day-to-day ops and help the team get more productive.

Real-time, Map-based Visibility

Get detailed insights into pertinent factors such as ETAs, routes, availability, task capacity, job allocation, and more.


Get alerts on your team’s proximity to locations to nudge important updates and tasks. Do more with each field visit.

Smart Allocation Engine

Allocate timely leads and tasks as per skillset, proximity, capacity, availability, and with optimal routes.

Real-time Analytics

Get real-time analysis at your fingertips based on role-based hierarchy. Access information live and protect sensitive data through access controls.

Operations Dashboard

Monitor your entire field team in real-time. Improve productivity and communication, reduce operational costs, and elevate customer experience throughout the job cycle.

360-degree Visibility on Ground Ops
[Case Study] Dista Sales Orchestrates Field Medical Reps and Strengthens Distributor Management

Central System for Team Management

Declutter from all existing tools and manage your teams swiftly and smoothly via one central platform built on Google. Get a bird’s eye view of your team and their activities for better management.

Field Force Optimization

Optimize your field resources to expand geographical and business coverage.

SLA Management

Ensure your team meets SLAs every time. Enrich customer experience and satisfaction.

Audit Trails

Get audits of field rep tracking history including daily KMs travelled for expense reporting.

Geo-hierarchy Management

Plot your organization’s employees as per locations and job titles for effective carving of access and roles and responsibilities.

Message Broadcasting

Notify your team members by sending org-wide, geo-wide, and team-wide updates via a centralized broadcasting system.

Field Staff Attendance and Expense Management

Digitize and automate leave, attendance, and expense management so that managers can focus on more strategic work. Go truly paperless!

Central System for Team Management
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Task Management

Plan, assign, and centrally manage tasks for your team using a robust one-for-all web console. Free key personnel from mundane tasks and empower them to focus more on strategic tasks and improve field staff ops.

Mobile Office

Get a one-app-for-all Mobile Office for your team members and empower them on the go. No more reporting to offices for routine tasks.

Calendar-driven Tasks

Drive effective task assignment and manage daily capacity of your team members. Dynamically schedule and reschedule meetings and follow-ups on the go.

Prescriptive Notifications

Leverage prescriptive notifications to improve the productivity of your field staff. Arm them with critical data and guide meaningful and swift actions to elevate customer experience.

Nudges for Missed SLAs

Avoid missing SLAs and negatively impacting customer experience by sending time-sensitive and contextual nudges to your field staff.

Task Management
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Dista’s software enables real-time field personnel to track and monitor their activities, performance, and workload distribution among team members. This comprehensive visibility enhances productivity and ensures efficient management of day-to-day operations.

Dista’s geofencing capability alerts teams on their proximity to locations, facilitating timely updates and task management during field visits. This ensures teams accomplish more efficiently during each visit, improving operational effectiveness.

Dista’s smart allocation engine assigns leads and tasks based on various parameters like skillset, proximity, and availability, optimizing routes for efficient execution. This ensures timely task allocation and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Dista’s software digitizes and automates leave, attendance, and expense management processes, freeing you from manual tasks and enabling you to focus on strategic work. This streamlines operations, reduces administrative burden, and improves efficiency.